Jokes fly at CAB comedy night
Posted May 2, 2008

There was laughter all around the night of May 1 in Founders Auditorium, as comedian Andy Hendrickson performed well-delivered and college friendly jokes that kept the audience laughing the whole time.

Hendrickson, who has shared the stage with Dave Chappelle and appeared on various television programs such as NBC’s “Night Shift,” won over the crowd with his easily relatable and relevant routine geared towards college students.

The joke of the night that most audience members could identify with was about Hendrickson’s over-bearing mother, who still treats him like a kid and asks him in the grocery store by the banana display if he wanted her to buy some “nanners.”

“The mom jokes are always a hit or miss. Some people have a ‘nanners’ mom and can relate, and some people can’t relate, but wish they had a ‘naners’ mom,” Hendrickson said.

In the University of La Verne’s case, the joke was a hit, and as a result “nanners” kept making reappearances throughout the routine.

Audience members also liked when Hendrickson commented about the school, like when he made a joke about Leo dollars, which sent students into hysterics.

“Is it hard for you guys to date in college?” he asked. “I mean, where do you go, the cafeteria? You have some extra Leo dollars and you want them to meet you there for dinner?”

It was these themes, such as dating, Facebook, dorm life and fast food that audience members enjoyed the most because it allowed them to connect better with Hendrickson and relate to what he was saying.

About 100 students were in attendance and kept the atmosphere alive with their comments and shout-outs during the routine.

The shout-outs, however, did not throw Hendrickson off. Rather, he thrived on the energy while he used sarcasm to connect with his audience, such as commenting about the size of the audience, and asking late-comers if he could get them anything, like a watch.

“I loved it when he commented on something from the audience because you know that it’s not planned and it makes it even funnier,” junior sociology major Rachel Ortiz said.

Although part of the routine relied on improvisation, a majority of it was planned ahead of time by Hendrickson himself, who confessed that he loves writing routines almost as much as delivering them.

“Now that I’m headlining it gives me the freedom to focus on writing material, and I usually have specific material for a college audience, but about 70 percent of it is the same as any other audience,” Hendrickson said.

Planning ahead made for a smoother routine that gave Hendrickson a professional feel and provided continuous laughter and applause.

“I think it went pretty well,” said Campus Activities Board Comedy Chairwoman Kristina Vaughn. “I think everyone who came had a good time, and that’s at least 100 people who were not bored on a Thursday Night.”

Other topics that Hendrickson joked about were slightly touchier, such as jabs about vegans, drunk dialing and Mexican food. However, students didn’t find his material too offensive.

“I think he played it pretty safe,” junior music education major Taylor Duling said. “I think if there were more people he might have added a little more, but he wasn’t too controversial and I don’t think he offended anyone.”

Hendrickson ended the night with another joke about dating and getting lost in Southern California, then told everyone to visit his Web site and send him pictures of naners, leaving the audience in laughter.

“Of all the events that La Verne puts on, the comedians are probably my favorite; they’re just so funny and entertaining,” Ortiz said.

Overall the night provided free fun and entertainment and Hendrickson allowed students to let loose and laugh away the pressures of school.

“I loved it, and I thought it was very successful,” Duling said. “I wish there were more comedy shows because this one was a hit.”

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Jokes fly at CAB comedy night

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