Campus Times
May 10, 2002


Bentley brings her ambitions to ULV

Since starting at the University of La Verne, Keisha Bentley has already set into action a myriad of campus events.

Trying to have fun with small town options

Students often must travel outside the comfortable confines of La Verne for enjoyment.

Passion of theater drives Mulholland

After traveling to Europe one summer University of La Verne alumnus Eric Mulholland was mysteriously drawn back to ULV.

Reeves leaves ULV following a year of growth

Eva Reeves' strength of character is tremendous, and what she has endured through in her lifetime would make any average human life seem trivial.

Latino Graduation Celebration premieres

Once again the Institute of Multicultural Research and Campus Diversity has stepped forward to honor the accomplishments of minorities.

Barlett challenges ethnocentricity

Born in West Africa and raised in multicultural environments John Barlett, associate professor of education at the University of La Verne, calls himself a "world citizen."