Campus Times
May 10, 2002


Top Stories

Students question election procedures

Following allegations of logistical problems and rumors of voter manipulation, the ASF elections were postponed.

Sheraton Suites to serve as temporary dorms

Final plans are being developed for University of La Verne students to take residence in the Sheraton Suites Fairplex in the fall.



Efforts awarded Saturday

The annual Academic Awards ceremony is held in Founders Auditorium.

Online summer school courses offered at ULV

Besides traditional courses, the Distance Learning Center is offering a variety of online courses for summer school.

Forum to be held with Financial Aid

After repeatedly being frustrated by the financial aid process, Amanda Holthouse decided to plan an open forum for students to voice their financial aid concerns.

Sex offender to leave La Verne in 45 days

High-risk sex offender Eric Kristian Rosvold is being forced out of his Cork Circle home in La Verne.

Law school dean resigns; future of school uncertain

Kenneth Held, dean of the College of Law in Ontario, announced last week that he will step down from his position to resume the role of a professor at the law school.

Honors society likely to come

The University of La Verne could join the ranks of many other prestigious colleges if they granted the first year national honors society chapter next 2002 fall semester.