Students bump, set, spike for fun

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Students bump, set, spike for fun
Posted May 11, 2007
Christina Carter
Chaotic yet still somewhat organized, seven intramural volleyball teams converged on the Athletic Pavilion on Tuesday. Lauren Friestad and Karli Fowlkes joined together in a team for the first game of the night sponsored by CAB. With volleyballs flying everywhere, students seemed to enjoy a break with a recreational evening away from class.

Teams composed of students gathered in the Sports Pavilion last Tuesday night for the start of the intramural volleyball tournament.

The tournament consisted of seven teams battling against each other using their skills or for some, a lack there of.

A first time spectator and athletic training major Kayleen Kaaiai said that she was interested in seeing other students rather than volleyball players participate in the sport.

The teams practiced before the start of the tournaments on the sides of the volleyball courts enhancing their sets and spikes, cheering each other on and developing their strategies.

“Our strategy is total domination,” Tyler Shepard, a junior business administration major, said.

Freshman David Contreras said his team, consisting of mostly members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, strategized to keep the ball away from the other team and to try to concentrate on the little things.

It seemed that winning was what all the teams had on their minds for their expectation of the end results.

However, most of the teams were a little intimidated by one team consisting of players who have at some point in their lives played competitive volleyball.

“The volleyball girls are our competition because they are all about eight feet tall and know how to play the game,” freshman John Lejay said.

Others had a more positive outlook on how they would perform.

“We don’t have any competition because we’re the best and believe we’re going to win,” Kevin Claeys, a freshman liberal studies major, said.

The first game got underway with a few outside spectators and many players watching their competitors.

The participants showed their techniques by setting up the balls for their teammates and spiking the ball over the net to score points in each game lasting about 15 to 20 minutes per game.

The choice of clothing consisted of basketball shorts for the men and volleyball’s signature “booty” shorts for the females as they pounded their opponents with the loud thumps of their hands hitting the ball.

Shepard’s team decided to coordinate with white t-shirts and black bottoms.

Sophomore Chris McDermott’s team had players that dominated over their opponents due to their skilled volleyball players.

“We won our first two games because all of us had played before in high school,” McDermott said.

Freshman Billy Nicolini’s team included basketball team members and two volleyball team members, Tiona Hobson and Brianna Gonzales.

Their team won their first two games due to the team’s height advantage and skilled athletes.

“We have a couple volleyball players on our team but Kyle Luhnow is our star player by far,” Nicolini said.

Each team played four games each until the tournament ended at 12 a.m.
Last night, the second half of the tournament continued.

The winners were awarded blue intramural t-shirts for their participation and the good sportsmanship that was exuded throughout the tournament.

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