Bathing Suit Bonanza!

Posted May 12, 2006
Kourtney Brumfield
University of La Verne seniors Kristine Stokes and Pam Levy agree that exuding confidence in their swimwear means being comfortable. Both opt for two-piece bikinis when they hit the beach. “I like to wear cover-ups when I'm at the beach or going out after swimming,” Stokes said. “I will wear something over my swimsuit like shorts or a skirt to feel comfortable.”

Kristen Chocek
Staff Writer

All right women of La Verne, it’s that time again. The time many of us dread—bathing suit season.

Lets face it; the first swimsuit try-on of the season is always extremely hard. But don’t fret, because this season there are so many silhouettes and colors to choose from that you may just go home with a swimsuit on your very first try.

Designers have helped you out this season by creating a multitude of silhouettes, patterns, colors and materials.

There is something for everyone, no matter what your size or shape is. With more trends than ever, it won’t be hard to stay stylish this summer.

Bathing suit designers have found their inspirations this season from the Far East all the way to retro and vintage classics.

“I have noticed that the latest trends out there are really cute,” said sophomore international business major Vanessa Martinez. “I can’t wait to hit the stores and start shopping.”

Bamboo, tortoise, coconut and wood embellishments are among the hottest trends found on bathing suits this season. This trend is inspired from the Far East and Africa.

Ruffles, giant buckles and sashes around the neck are also big this season, along with bold prints, huge patterns and thick stripes. Think retro.

Black and white is still a huge trend, which ULV women are very happy about.

“I have always liked the look of a white bikini on a tan body,” said junior psychology major Andrea Pineda.”White always makes people look tanner.”

As for freshman business administration major Alexis Parreira, black is her top choice.

“I love black bathing suits; they always look cute on,” Parreira said.

However, the biggest trend this season is more coverage. Swimsuits are leaning away from skimpy and leaning toward modesty. Provocative is out and clean and sleek is in.

So forget the strings and microscopic bikini tops; it’s time to opt for a more sophisticated beach look.

Nevertheless, the two-piece is still hotter than ever, but this time fuller bottoms and classier tops are now being offered.

However, if you are not quite comfortable exposing your entire body in a two-piece, there are finally some appealing options.

The ever so stylish “tankini” is the perfect alternative to consider. This variation of the bikini has a longer top that only exposes part of your stomach.

“I only wear one-pieces,” Pineda said. “I have never owned anything different, but I would consider the two piece tankini. They are pretty cute.”

If you are anything like Pineda and prefer one-pieces, then you have to check out the “monokini.”

This one-piece suit is a bikini with fabric connecting the top and bottom, with cut outs on the sides. These stylish garments are extremely eye catching yet mysterious to the viewer. You will be sure to get plenty of attention on the beach wearing one of these this season.

So how do you know which silhouette to choose? Here are some tips.

If your body type is similar to a triangle—small on top with fuller hips and thighs—then your best bet is to accentuate your bust. You can do this by finding a bathing suit with an embellished or patterned top and solid color bottoms.

If you are an inverted triangle—fuller on top and slimmer on the bottom—your best bet is to accentuate the lower bottom. Patterned and embellished bottoms will help create this effect.

If you are more round – with fuller hips and waist – less busy prints may be your fix. Also try halter tops, darker colors and vertical stripes.

Stylish cover-ups can also help provide great coverage this season. Board shorts are always a great option. These sporty garments are great for fuller thighs and are California surfer cute at the same time.

Sarongs are another flattering way to cover up. Plus they are easy to make. Just find a piece of sheer fabric in a pretty print and cut it to the length you want it to hang. From there, tie the corners together at the side of your hip and voilà—you have created a stylish wrap.

Add some beachy accessories like a large shell necklace and huge Jackie O. sunglasses to help complete your look.

It is still important to find a bathing suit made of durable material such as Lycra. Support is a necessity, especially for your upper half.

“The top has to be lined, because I am not getting into a cold pool if not,” Parreira said.

So be sure to check the tag, and definitely try it on before you purchase.

If you are on a budget this season and are starting to stress – don’t. With so many prints looking the same, you cannot always tell a pricey swimsuit from a discount one.

You are still going to turn heads on the beach because Target and other discount retailers have a great selection for you to choose from this season.

Target has designer Isaac Mizhari styles starting from $17.99 a piece, a price that surely cannot be beat.

Online retailers such as Victoria’s Secret ( have great styles that you can’t find at the mall or your average surf shop.

“Victoria’s Secret has very cute things this year,” said junior multimedia major Suzy Riker. “They even sell Juicy brand.”

Currently, Victoria’s Secret Online is having a sale on swimwear. There are more than 200 styles to choose from that are now 25 to 40 percent off. You cannot miss this sale.

If catalogs and online retailing are not your thing, then check out some of ULV women’s favorite stores. Pac Sun, Diane’s Swimwear, Target, Macy’s and Tilly's are just a few.

This summer feel comfortable strolling around the beach and hitting the waves with a suit that keeps you looking stylish yet modest.

What are you waiting for? Get to shopping.

Kristen Chocek can be reached at kristenchocek@

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