Sketch show gets crowd laughing

Posted May 12, 2006
Lindsey Gooding
Partners Louie Arreola and Yesel “Yak” Manrique wrote, produced and hosted “Eh-Day!” The sketch comedy show included skits like ‘Doggy Pile’ and ‘Inspector Egg,’ resembling comedy shows such as “Chappelle’s Show” and “Mind of Mencia.” Arreola, Manrique and the cast had the crowd roaring out loud at the premiere of “Eh-Day!”

Rick Montañez
Staff Writer

For weeks there has been a buzz about the premiere of “Eh-Day!” a sketch comedy television show produced by two University of La Verne seniors. Yesel Manrique and Louie Arreola, both television broadcast majors, finally unveiled their TV show last Saturday in the La Fetra Lecture Hall.

The doors opened at 7 p.m. with roughly 30 people in line waiting to get in.
When the 8 p.m. showing began, the room was filled with nearly 100 people eagerly anticipating the humor of the two ULV students.

“We have been dreaming about this since…forever,” Manrique said.

Guests were surprised with the amount of “Eh-Day!”memorabilia at the event. Posters were spread all across campus beforehand to promote the premiere. At the event there were “Eh-Day!” napkins, “Eh-Day!” ‘mocktails,’ “Eh-Day!” T-shirts and DVDs. Arreola and Manrique greeted the guests while they feasted on appetizers and mocktails.

“This was the most ambitious project I have seen since I have been here at ULV,” said Donald Pollock, professor of communications. “It always helps to give the project adviser a guest spot.”

Pollock has been at ULV for 15 years and said these two have been some of the hardest working students he has seen come through the TV broadcast program. Pollock was also given a part in the TV show, playing a record producer for the skit “Blasted,” about dueling rappers.

A lot of people spent this entire semester wondering what “Eh-Day!” meant. The simple meaning was unveiled – “Eh-Day!” means “everyday.”

“It’s just something we say back home,” Manrique said. “You know how every group of friends has a catch phrase, it is just something we always said.”

Manrique said it is an inside joke between him and his friends, but him and Arreola wanted to bring it worldwide. They both said it is something they had to share with the world.

“The show is incredibly funny,” said Kristen Hepburn, a senior liberal arts major at ULV. “I really didn’t expect to see such a great show.”

You could feel the anticipation in La Fetra for the premiere. Arreola was in the lobby right before the show started, his hands shaking as he eagerly greeted guests and created an even bigger excitement about “Eh-Day!”
“I had butterflies in my stomach,” Arreola said. “I was shaking and so nervous.”

When the time came for the show to begin, Arreola and Manrique where whisked out of the lobby and backstage to prepare for their appearance before the show started. Once on stage, Arreola and Manrique started by thanking everyone involved in the program. They introduced the cast and crew. Special ‘thank yous’ went out to their public relations team, project advisers, family and friends.

“These two kids are very funny and work so well together,” said Brian Ortega, a 2005 ULV alumnus. “Since I met the two a few years ago, I knew there was something special they had, they are going to do great things.”

“It felt incredible to finally share this with everyone,” Arreola said.

“Me and Yak watched it over and over and thought the show was funny, but the true test was on the audience,” Manrique said.

“I felt better once I heard that first laugh,” Manrique said.

Applause and laughter filled the room during the entire screening of “Eh-Day!” The show consisted of a few sketches, some mock movie trailers and even a few mock commercials.

“I really want to get a copy of the DVD,” Hepburn said.

“It is great to be able to make people laugh and forget their problems,” Arreola said. “That is what I want to do in life.”

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