LSF says ‘adios amigos’ to graduating seniors
Posted May 12, 2006

The University of La Verne’s Latino Student Forum honored its graduating students May 3 as part of an annual event.

The Latino Forum’s main goal is to celebrate the existing diversity of the University, as well as to recognize those who are graduating each year.

Approximately 20 people attended the event, including students and staff from ULV. The highlight of this year’s event was the speech given by a former student of ULV, Jeremy Baca.

Baca, a Democrat, is currently running for Assembly in California’s 62nd District. His brother and father are also politicians.

In his speech, Baca said he had given advice to students in different fields of life.

“My parents always told me that education was everything in life but I never forgot where I came from,”

“When you graduate, come here to the University of La Verne and talk to future generations. Tell them about your dreams and your concerns.” Baca said

Evelyn Frias, a student at ULV, attended the Latino Forum event.

“This event takes place every single year,” Frias said. “It is an informal way to celebrate the last year here for the students that are seniors already.”

However, some students said that membership in the Latino Forum tends to drop as the school year passes.

“In the beginning of the year, students are more involved with this forum,” ULV student and Forum member Lilian Ulloa said. “But every month we have fewer students, even though there are still many people interested.”

According to the Forum’s mission statement, its purpose is to “provide and promote an educational and social environment where Latinos/Chicanos /Hispanics can learn and explore their culture, traditions, and history. The organization shall discuss, advocate, and educate members of the community about issues that affect Latinos/Chicanos/ Hispanics as well as the community at large. Members are benefited by having an arena to vent social and political problems.”

The Forum celebrates different events during the year, and holds monthly meetings September through May.

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LSF says ‘adios amigos’ to graduating seniors

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