Campus Times
May 14
, 2004

photo by Jessica Valerio

The University of La Verne's Campus Diversity Initiative held a poster session last week on Faschnacht Court following the town hall meeting. Loretta Rahmani, dean of student affairs (left); Daniel Loera, interim director of the Institute for Multicultural Research and Campus Diversity; and Vitonio San Juan, assistant dean of students at the College of Law, were among those who attended the event.
With a grant from the James Irvine Foundation, the University is working to create a learning community that supports diversity. The poster session was designed to “offer information to the students of the University and for students to be aware of their success,” Loera said. The grant is the third of a series of grants from the Irvine Foundation to address quality of life and academic issues in a way that supports the University’s diverse community.

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The faculty votes down a proposal to award Rep. David Dreier an honorary degree when he speaks at Commencement this month.

ABA accreditation is unlikely for law school

Administrators pledge continued financial assistance for the College of Law, despite its being denied American Bar Association accreditation once again.



Students to pay for incomplete paperwork

A $150 fee will now be levied for students who do not make arrangements for tuition payment by the first week of classes.

Accountants earn dollars, accolades

The ULV Society of Accountants honors its top students.

Pollutants invade indoors

Who knew the air inside could be just as dangerous to breathe as the air outside?

Clubs want deer but get mountain lions

Attempts by local country clubs to lure deer for more picturesque grounds only wind up yielding visits from the local cougar population.

Awards canceled

The annual academic awards ceremony falls victim to budget cuts and schedule conflicts.