Screenings to show off students' hard work
Posted May 15, 2009

The communications department is holding its annual student video screenings Saturday.

It is a two part event that is put on by the intermediate television broadcasting students and seniors to showcase their best work and senior projects.

“It’s a chance for the students to show off,” said Donald Pollock, professor of communications. “They have been working very hard throughout the semester. It will be interesting to see their final projects.”

The first screening gives everyone from the intermediate television broadcasting classes an opportunity to submit their best video production.

The entries will include public service announcements, news stories and short stories.

Entries were submitted and chosen by judges on Tuesday to screen on Saturday at 3 p.m.

Intermediate students are putting on the screening for the seniors.

Each intermediate student will have a task during the screening such as setting chairs, playing the videos and bringing snacks.

Both classes are excited to see the projects, since they have all worked together.

“We have all worked together in these classes from beginning to intermediate to advanced, so it becomes pretty competitive and the screening becomes about bragging rights,’’ said Garrett Gutierrez, a junior television broadcast major.

The screening is especially important to senior students because they have worked hard all year to complete their videos.

It will be a time for them to showcase their best work.

Students were divided into groups and they were asked to create a video.

Each person was designated as a producer, camera person or editor.

Seniors had to present proposals of their videos throughout both semesters to advisors in order to receive approval and guidance.

Five senior videos will be screened, including “Choppin’ it Up,” a talk variety show, which senior broadcasting major Telon Weathington is a part of .

“It is a talk variety show geared to teenagers,” Weathington said. “What you are creating is a project to go out and show people what you can do, and get a job.”

Videos will be critiqued on production, post-production, pre-production and reels.

The intermediate student project screenings will start at 3 p.m. in La Fetra Auditorium, followed by the senior screenings at 7 p.m.

For more information, contact Pollock at 909-593-3511, ext 4277.

Carmin Hermosillo can be reached at

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Screenings to show off students' hard work

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