Campus media to see new leaders
Posted May 15, 2009
Rafael Anguiano

Natalie Veissalov and Ruby Ballestamon have been appointed to student leadership positions for fall 2009 in the communications department. Veissalov will serve as editor in chief for the Campus Times and Ballestamon will be program director for LeoFM.

Kevin Garrity
Sports Editor

The Campus Times and Leo FM radio station will have new leaders in fall 2009.

Ruby Ballestamon will become the program director for Leo FM for the 2009-2010 school year and Natalie Veissalov will be the Campus Times’ editor in chief for the 2009 fall semester.

Ballestamon, who will be a senior, is a radio broadcast major. She has been a DJ for Leo FM since 2007, and next year will be her first year on staff.

“I was actually scared when I first heard the news,” Ballestamon said. “I’m excited now that I know I have the program’s confidence.”

Ballestamon will take over for Hannah Nakama, the current program director for Leo FM.

“Hannah knew everybody on the staff really well,” Ballestamon said. “She was able to give pointers and get feedback because her relationship with everybody was so strong. I hope to maintain such a great relationship with everybody.”

Ballestamon hopes that this opportunity will lead to her career goal of being a radio personality and then ultimately a TV personality.

“I want more people to know that we have a radio station and turn them into regular listeners and I think we can do that through more promotions and contests,” Ballestamon said.

Veissalov, a journalism major who will head the Campus Times, will be a junior in the fall.

“I wasn’t expecting this opportunity,” Veissalov said. “Our adviser told me the newspaper really needed me and that she was going to nominate me for the position. I was truly honored.”

Veissalov hopes to keep the paper at an award-winning level that past editors in chief have demonstrated.

Next semester will be Veissalov’s third on the Campus Times staff.

She has been a staff writer and is currently the news editor.

“She is a very hard worker and eager to grow,” said Elizabeth Zwerling, associate professor of journalism and Campus Times adviser. “She is very focused and already has the respect of other writers and editors on staff.”

Veissalov will replace Susan Acker who is currently the editor in chief.

“Natalie is a genuinely nice person and is very detail-oriented,” Acker said. “She is dedicated to the Campus Times and will do an amazing job next year.”

“I hope I can be like Susan,” Veissalov said. “She is respectful to everyone but she also isn’t afraid to speak her mind.

“I have always viewed her as such a professional journalist and I hope I can continue the excellence she provided to our paper,” Veissalov added.

As the field of journalism is in a time of dramatic change, the Campus Times will be looking to adopt new ways to keep up with the transforming business.

“The Campus Times will reflect the different writing styles, and various modes delivery that are taking place in the world of journalism,” Zwerling said.

“As traditional journalism breaks out of its old mold, we will continue to grow with the times and adapt to new techniques and technologies. I know Natalie will be up for that.”

“I hope to bring a fresh perspective to the paper in a more modern way,” Veissalov said.

Readers of the Campus Times can look forward to more of an online presence.

Kevin Garrity can be reached at

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