Letters to the Editor
Posted May 15, 2009

Dear Editor,

While I greatly enjoyed your Campus Times article (“A Quiet Power: The ancient discipline of yoga enters the 21st century,” May 8), I was quite disappointed that you did not inform your readers, the students, faculty, and staff of the University of La Verne, that they can take both yoga and pilates classes at the University! No need to go off-campus to a studio, no need to drive your car and add to your stress, and no need, (for students, anyway) to have to pay a fee for every session! These classes (and other activity classes, by the way) are provided by the movement and sports science department for the benefit of our students, to contribute to their health and well-being.

Monica Matthews (yoga) and Bonnie Murphy (pilates) are two of the finest instructors in their disciplines in the area. The aerobic dance room in the Sports Science and Athletics Pavilion is a terrific facility for both activities. Your article was well-researched and compelling for its first-person take on an activity that many might regard with some skepticism. This makes it even more unfortunate that you did not encourage your readers to try these activities out without incurring significant fees or driving time in our own on-campus classes.

Hopefully, some form of follow-up will rectify this omission. Again, good work on a great article, but I hope you see my point as well.

Paul Alvarez
Movement & Sports Science Department Chairman

Dear Editor,

I applaud the thinking in “Companies should not escape,” (May 8) that companies should pay their fair share of taxes. Closing loopholes, no matter in what administration they were created, will go more toward a fairer system of using and collecting tax money.

But let’s be fair about it. I watched a student presentation last week where the plan was to pay workers “under the table” as a way to make money and avoid taxes. As long as our students think that is OK, the system will continue to be unbalanced and the few will pay the cost of roads, schools and bridges. If we teach ethics, we should be consistent in our message.

Janis Dietz
Professor of Business Administration


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