Students make plans for summer
Posted May 16, 2008
Troy Doolittle
Freshman Travis Arroyo and sophomore Branamier Courtney plan to spend their time this summer working on their tans. The beach, located just 45 minutes from La Verne, is a popular place for students to sunbathe during their summer break. Until finals are over, Arroyo and Courtney have to settle for the lawn outside of the Oaks dorm.

A time when shorts become more commonly seen and students begin to soak up any additional knowledge before finals, University of La Verne students are preparing for summer vacation with only a few weeks left in the spring semester.

“I like school and everything but it just isn’t as much fun as summer,” freshman Krishne Chelliah said.

With plans to go to Hawaii over summer, Chelliah will be escaping to a life without school and work.

“Hawaii is the relax place. I don’t have to do anything there. My only job is to be happy,” Chelliah said.

The phenomenal island paradise is a reward Chelliah will be gladly accepting after first taking a summer course in June.

While Hawaii is a plan, Chelliah must compliment it with a plan shared by many La Verne students: the not-so-phenomenal plan of taking summer school.

“I am going to be attending summer school back home in Coachella and getting a job,” Evelyn Castro, sophomore social science major, said.

Castro will be working during the summer to save money for the trip to Italy she will be taking in January with the study abroad program at the University.

“I am going to Disneyland this summer though,” Castro said.

Although school and work plays an important part in students’ schedules, it is not allowing them to miss the Southern California weather expected this summer.

Students have already been planning trips to the beach by carpool due to the steady increase in gas prices.

With gas prices being so high, a burden has been put on summer trips for students this year, causing a vast majority to be staying close to home.

However, some still will be doing long distance traveling.

“I’ll probably be working this summer and hitting up the L.A. night life once in a while,” Carlos Carrazco, senior business administration major, said.

“I refuse to sit at home and be bored or lazy, that’s for sure,” Carrazco added.

Staying local may be on the minds of many students but for some it is much different for some summer expectations.

Janett Reyes, a junior movement and sports science major, will visit Australia with a friend.

“I can’t wait. I have a countdown on my calendar,” Reyes said.

As Reyes experiences a far trip from home, Monique Chambers, a senior earning dual degrees in biology and movement and sports science, is planning on making the move of a lifetime.

“I am taking a leap and finally venturing out on my own without mommy and daddy,” Chambers said.

Chambers will begin preparation for her move to Baylor Medical in Houston first by taking prep courses at the University of Southern California.

While many students will be attending summer school and working, the countdown begins for students to enjoy plans made for the official summer break at the University of La Verne.

Danielle Lampkin can be reached at

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