Residents sport their best superhero outfits
Posted May 16, 2008

At the RHA’s Superhero Dance event in Brandt Hall on Thursday, everyone was dressed up in their favorite super-hero costumes, from the Disney movie “The Incredibles,” to their favorite superhero idols.

This was RHA’s final event of the year and they wanted to host an event that was fun and exciting.

“I thought the Superhero party was a lot of fun and it was something to keep my mind off of finals,” sophomore Jodi Baldridge said.

“We had about 50 people coming and going; it was cool. It was our first time using the lounge as a dance hall, and it worked out pretty well,” Matt White, RHA president said.

While many students dressed up for the event, some remained in their everyday clothes; however, they still enjoyed themselves while dancing and having fun.

There was even a costume contest. The winners were Jennifer Juhasz and Johnathon Elias.

Juhasz was dressed in a “Captain Planet” costume, with black shorts over blue tights.

“I thought it was fun. It was really great that people dressed up,” Juhasz said.

Elias was dressed in a full- on costume with tights, a cape and a mask, attempting to look like a real superhero, but he ended up looking more like a WWF Pro Wrestler.

Other great costumes consisted of Quailman, worn by White, and Markerman worn by John Smith. His creative costume consisted of a white shirt that people could write on with markers, along with a cape.

In addition, the Superman logo was sported among several other people in many different styles. Some girls wore the traditional blue Superman shirt, while others wore white wife- beaters with the infamous logo on the front.

For those who chose not to dress to the theme, glow sticks and masks were provided so everyone could join in the festivities.

The room was full of color, as it was decorated with balloons and streamers. Along with everyone’s colorful costumes, the Brandt lounge was a rainbow in itself.

A DJ was at the event to play some music to get the crowd dancing and lively.

The music kept people around, and even drew some attention to get more guests at the Super-Hero party.

“The DJ was really good,” junior Wendy Rodriguez said.

Although there was not a lot of food served there, there were snacks such as candy, crackers and drinks.

In addition people munched on food from the vending machines. There were drink stations as well, to serve punch.

Not only was this RHA’s last event of the year, it also gave them an opportunity to announce their new executive board.

The new RHA president will be Juhasz, making her costume win even more victorious.

Jen McElroy can be reached at

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