Seniors plan for life after La Verne
Posted May 16, 2008
Seanette Garcia
Graduating seniors Melody Rahbari and Matthew Hill take their education and knowledge as theater students from the University of La Verne and put it toward their new production company Vespertine Productions. With an opening performance of “The Late Henry Moss” by Sam Shepard, Vespertine will be the second student composed production company to emerge from the University of La Verne, following The Umbrella Machine Production Company, founded by classmates Rhiannon Cuddy and James Darrah.

As students prepare for finals and the semester comes to an end, the seniors at the University of La Verne are looking toward their futures while reflecting on their past experiences.

The next chapter of the lives of many seniors will consist of looking for prospective employment, interviews, going back home and summer trips.

Senior criminology major Andrea Garcia and her friend senior liberal studies major Monique Trudeau have planned a trip to Europe after

They have waited anxiously for this time to come and will be leaving in June.

“We have always talked about going; when we thought about it we thought it would be good to go after graduation,” Garcia said.

Garcia said that when they return she will go on to work for Choices, where she did her internship.

Choices is a non-profit education group that works to help students achieve their full potential by providing them with vital tools to empower their career and life opportunities.

The organization decided to hire her after working with her as an intern.

While many seniors will be entering the job force immediately after graduation, others will take time off for the summer and continue their education as well.

For senior sociology major Nilda Chavez, the next year will be filled with trips, school and looking for employment.

“I’m going to do some traveling over the summer,” Chavez said.

“I will be going to Mazatlan and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico on two separate trips throughout the summer,” Chavez said.

Once the summer comes to an end for Chavez, it will mean looking for a job during the fall and applying to graduate school for the spring to further her education.

“I know I am going to a Cal State school just because it’s cheaper, but I’m not sure which one yet,” Chavez said.

“I will be entering grad school to get my masters in school psychology,” Ashley Joseph, senior psychology major said.

Joseph who is an active member on ULV’s campus has been accepted to Cal Lutheran University and the University of Chicago’s graduate programs.

However, she is most excited for her acceptance into the school psychology graduate program for ULV.

“I know our education department is well-known and very good,” Joseph said.

Matt Hill, narrative technologies major and friends have started their own production company by the name of Vespertine Productions.

After graduation they will continue working on projects, which include a full season of shows that will run throughout the year.

Hill said he has met interesting people throughout his time at ULV, including members of the theatre department who have carried their friendships into their professional careers.

As these seniors embark on the journey into their futures, despite the paths they will take, they will leave ULV with the memories and friendships they have developed while attending the University.

“I will miss the community,” Garcia said. “La Verne is a small school and you end up making great friends.”

“I will miss the life-long friendships I have made here and I’ll take the memories I have made,” Chavez said.

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Seniors plan for life after La Verne

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