Campus media turns to new leaders
Posted May 16, 2008
Rhiannon Mim
The communications department has named Susan Acker and Erin Konrad as its new editors for the fall 2008 semester. Acker will lead La Verne Magazine after serving two semesters with the Campus Times, including one as Web editor. Konrad will be the new Campus Times’ editor in chief, and has served three semesters already, two as the arts editor. She has also been on the La Verne Magazine staff for two semesters and is currently the spring 2008 La Verne Magazine editor.

Seanette Garcia
Hannah Nakama, a senior broadcast major, in this file photo from May 2007, will hold the KULV program director position for her second year in a row. This summer Nakama will expand her broadcast knowledge while interning at WPLJ, a professional radio station in New York.

As the semester comes to an end, it is time for the communications department to unveil the fall 2008 Campus Times editor in chief, La Verne Magazine editor in chief and KULV program director.

Erin Konrad and Susan Acker will lead the communications department into another successful semester of newspaper and magazine production as Hannah Nakama will head KULV for another year.
These positions call for students who have shown exceptional work in the past and who can handle the multiple responsibilities that come with the title.

The position of editor in chief for the Campus Times will be filled by Konrad a senior journalism major.

Konrad has spent three semesters on the Campus Times, two of which she served as the arts editor.

She has also spent two semesters working on the La Verne Magazine and is the current editor.

“It’s going to be a lot of work but it will be rewarding.,” Konrad said.

I’m just excited to be a part of it for another semester,” Konrad added.

“(Konrad) was the obvious choice,” said Elizabeth Zwer­ling, associate professor of journalism and Campus Times chief adviser.

“She has been on staff for several semesters and has shown great leadership and skill,” Zwerling said.

Susan Acker, a senior journalism major, will head the La Verne Magazine staff as the new editor.

Acker has spent two semesters on the Campus Times and is the current Web editor.

“It was an unexpected surprise,” Acker said.

“I’m really excited about it. I think it is a great opportunity to get my feet wet in a different area of journalism,” Acker said.

“I am confident that she will do a fine job,” said Randy Miller, La Verne Magazine adviser. “She seems eager to take the helm and run with it.”

As for the KULV program director, Nakama, a senior broadcast major will hold the position for her second year in a row.

“I feel so privileged to have the opportunity to do it again,” Nakama said.

“I’m looking forward to taking what I learned this year and applying it,” Nakama said.

This summer Nakama will expand her knowledge by interning at WPLJ in New York, where she will receive hands-on experience at a professional station.

“We were very impressed with the job Hannah did this year,” said Michael Laponis, professor of communications and general manager/adviser for KULV Radio. “With that experience and what she will learn at her internship this summer, it is a great opportunity to have her back and use that experience.”

Although Laponis and Nakama will not confirm what is in store for KULV next year they both agreed that there will be some big changes.

Along with new student leaders, there will also be a temporary change in advisers.

Zwerling, who has headed the Campus Times for the past seven years, will take a sabbatical leave for the fall semester, leaving the publication in the hands of communications department chairman and professor of journalism George Keeler.

Keeler is no stranger to the Campus Times.

He has advised the publication for a total of 12 years prior and also served as editor in chief during his time on staff, “It’s a huge task,” Keeler said.

“People see the Campus Times through different eyes. I see it as an elaborate publication, a true newspaper that upholds First Amendment laws,” Keeler said.

Eric Borer – communications assistant, who works closely with Zwerling and the Campus Times staff – has seen several adviser and management exchanges in his more than 15 years with the department. He will help to smooth the transition.

“I trust that between Erin, George and Eric, they will carry on our high standards and tradition of excellence,” Zwerling said.

“I’m looking forward to my semester off – and also to returning to the Campus Times in spring ’09 refreshed,” Zwerling added.

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