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May 17, 2002

photo by Juan Garcia

Jennifer Newton chats with Sean Saraf between classes. Saraf, whose been playing the drums for 11 years, can be found playing the bongos between classes "to kill time and not think of school."

'Songs of Broadway' delivers passion

The University of La Verne Chorale and Chamber Singers performed in the two-night concert "Songs of Broadway."

Senior videos show mafia thrills, goals

Television students Enrique Gutiérrez and Kareem Aqleh are due to present their senior video projects.

Movie Review: 'Scorpion King' bites into action

The performance of The Rock drives this action tale.

Restaurant Review: Gusalmex offers variety

Gusalmex, an authentic Gualtemalan, Salvadorian and Mexican food restaurant, offers delicious meals and an enjoyable environment.

Directing class presents theatrical treats

Directing class presents a smorgasbord of theatrical tidbits for the University of La Verne community.

Senior art displayed in Harris Gallery

The University of La Verne Art Depatrment on Monday celebrated the opening of "Dazzling Visual Effects."

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