Campus Times
May 17, 2002

photos by Liz Lucsko

(Top): Werner Enterprise semi-truck driver Fredrick Brooks hit a fire hydrant on the northeast corner of "F" and First Street in La Verne on Friday. The accident caused the water service to be disrupted to the residents of the 2100 block of "F" Street. (Bottom): City of La Verne Water Department employee, Leo Torrez shuts off the water valve to the broken fire hydrant on First Street across from the University of La Verne maintenance department Friday.

Top Stories

Professor retires after 35 years

John Jang, professor of government and global studies, plans to travel to China three to four times a year in his retirement.

Drug of choice hooks students

The popularity of the drug ecstasy has spread among college students.

On-campus awareness of recycling on the rise

The University of La Verne's recycling program, led by Robert Beebe, is on the verge of expansion.



Orientation program to be changed

The freshman orientation class, U100, is being temporarily postponed to make room for changes.

New dining service provider still not selected

Aramark still has a chance of remaining at ULV.

New leaders selected for fall semester

Jaclyn Roco, Amanda Stutevoss and Matt Perez will take over leadership positions for the Communications Department.

Pulitzer Prize winning photographer speaks

ULV welcomes Vietnam War photojournalist Nick Ut.

Senior presents paper in Canada

Dan Ross was the only undergraduate student from ULV who flew to British Columbia to give a presentation on his research paper.

Freshman letters given back to seniors at party

In commemoration of the 2002 graduation class, the Leadership Development and Transition Program hosted the Senior Class Pizza Party Wednesday.

Sprinkler incident under investigation

The fire sprinkler system in the Oaks is under investigation after numerous instances of malfunctioning.

Speaker brings Asian awareness to campus

Kip Fulbeck visited the University of La Verne to inform students and faculty on Asian American steriotypes he has encountered.