Campus Times
May 17, 2002



Demeaning mascots need to go

A bill being debated in state legislature would require all California public schools to phase out mascots that are deemed deragatory and stereotypical to certain groups and ethnicities.

ULV should heed warning

Administrators need to listen to the salary requests of faculty.


Finding wings to fly solo

Ryan MacDonald, editor in chief, conforts those who will stay behind to finish off their years at the University of La Verne.

College life full of debt, financial lessons

Jaclyn Roco, arts and entertainment editor, relates how all students find themselves in debt when the college years are over.

Saying goodbye to George, Kramer, Jerry

Amanda Stutevoss, sports editor, tells how she will have to adjust without her close friends, George, Kramer and Jerry.

Letter to the Editor

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