Pageant brings out best in students

Posted May 18, 2007
Emmah Obradovich
Mr. ULV contestant Jonathon Fitzhugh, a senior, jumped into senior behavioral science major Liz Canales’ performance during the CAB talent show for the Mr. ULV and Miss ULV pageant. Fitzhugh also danced the salsa with Sara Weythman as a combined talent entry. Brianna Gonzales and Fitzhugh won the competition, receiving $200 each. The University of La Verne pageant was held in Founders Auditorium on May 9. See story on page 10.

Senior accounting major Jon Fitzhugh and sophomore psychology major Brianna Gonzales were named Mr. and Ms. ULV in the annual Mr. and Ms. ULV competition held on May 9 in Founders Auditorium.

“I feel macho. I want to say thank you to all my fans and supporters,” Fitzhugh said after his win.

“It was so much fun,” Gonzales said.

Second place in the competition went to senior behavioral science major Liz Canales and senior journalism major Darnell Gilbert.

“I’m excited. It was a lot of fun. It’s a good de-stressor from finals,” Canales said soon after her second place finish.

“I just tried to have fun with it,” Gilbert said.

The contest featured six men and six women all competing for the title of Mr. and Ms. ULV.

First place winners received $200 and second place winners received two tickets to Six Flags Magic Mountain.

The theme of this year’s competition was “The Incredible Adventures of Mr. and Ms. ULV.”

The theme has to do with superheros and their adventures.

Audience members found clever ways to support the contestants.

Some people held up posters and signs for particular contestants when they took the stage.

Others found a more unique way of supporting a contestant.

Sophomore business administration major Kyle Luhnow, sophomore athletic training major Jasper Chang and freshman sports medicine major Danilo Stewart painted the letters “BRI” on their torsos.

They were supporting Gonzales and it appears that the majority of the audience was too.

Although the audience would clap for the other contestants, audience members would yell that they wanted to see Bri.

The host for the night, who was known as Johnny C, told the audience that they should not only be cheering for Gonzales, but that they should cheer just as much for the other contestants as well.

The audience did not listen to his advice and continued to yell out Gonzales’ name.

There were four parts to this year’s competition: the opening dance, a talent portion, formal wear and a superhero costume contest.

A dance was performed by all of the contestants.

While performing each contestant wore a shirt that had the theme of this year’s competition and a Superman “S” on it.

The talent competition included a variety of acts.

Some contestants, like senior psychology major Vanessa Ocana and Gilbert recited poems.

Canales played a drum. Gonzales and junior psychology major Mike Cordova were among those who performed interpretive dances.

Junior philosophy major Sam Toia lip synced and danced to a Britney Spears song and freshman liberal studies major Diane Martinez sang a song.

During the superhero costume contest the contestants had to explain the powers that their superhero had and tell the audience their superhero name.

Among the superheros in the competition were Toia as Super Nerdy Girl, Gonzales as Bri the Girl Wonder, Martinez as Spidey, Ocana as Cat Woman, Gilbert as Leonidus, junior liberal studies major Sara Weythman as Bat Woman, Cordova as Mighty Mike, Fitzhugh as Nacho Libre and Melvin “Bones” Ward as Hyphy Mayne.

“This whole thing just showed a lot of school spirit,” Ward, a senior theatre arts major, said. “I think that we should have more programs like these.”

Major events co-chairwoman Cerina De Souza also was happy with the evening’s events.

“It was good. It ran smoothly and I hope that everyone had a fun time before finals,” De Souza said.

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