Seniors see life after LV

Posted May 18, 2007

Registering for classes, stressing out about exams, eating in Davenport and attending campus activities are some of the things that the senior class of 2007 will never do again, at least at the University of La Verne.

As this year has come and gone in a flash, a senior class full of potential is ready to enter the workforce, graduate school or whatever else they put their mind too.

When asking seniors about their plans once they leave the comforts of La Verne some answer with excitement, others with uncertainty and some do not even want to respond to the question.

“There’s one thing you should never ask a senior, what they plan on doing once they graduate, because it is a loaded question,” Virginia Ng, a senior biology major, said.

“It reminds them how unprepared they are for life and if you ask me I will slap you in the face,” Ng said.

Other seniors were not as reluctant to answer the dubious question of what they are going to be doing next year.

Ng presented a good point that once you go to college you are expected to have all the answers for life, and that is not necessarily the case.

Most of the seniors that were asked plan on going to graduate school, some right after college and others want to take some off time before jumping into the ring of fire again.

“I am going to take a year off to study for graduate school, as well as make back all the money that La Verne stole from me,” said Taylor Harry, a senior physics major.

Angel Chavarin, a senior liberal studies major, plans on getting experience before he takes the GRE and pursues his credentials in teaching.

“I got a job at the Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center,” Chavarin said. “I will be working at a summer camp to get experience for my future in teaching.”

Lauren Heil, assistant director of career services, suggested that students do not rush immediately into graduate school.

“Graduate school is so specific and really hard to determine if that is what you want to do without experience in the field,” Heil said.

Some seniors are very confident in what they want to do with their life and graduate school is what they have set their sights on.

Mercy Faith Kimbwala, a senior business administration with an emphasis in marketing major, plans on attending Cal Poly San Luis Obispo to receive her masters in public policy.

While attending school Kimbwala will be working at the San Luis Obispo Historian Society planning weddings.

Even though Heil does suggest that students gain experience in their field of choice by working, she does not promise that finding a job will be easy.

“It does take awhile to find a job and some jobs don’t call you back for months once you applied,” Heil said.

“It takes an average college graduate three months to find a job after they graduate.”

Whether seniors of the class of 2007 are going to graduate school or working it can not be denied that a lot of blood, sweat and tears went into them being able to graduate.

“I am ecstatic about graduating, I have a tingling feeling that won’t go away,” Chavarin said.

“I am going to explode into a ball of confetti, but I think the tingling feeling is just stress,” he added.

Others, like Morgan Dobis, a senior broadcast journalism major, is excited to graduate.

It has been a long year for Dobis, full of all the woes that come with senior projects that everyone faces before graduating.

Some seniors, like Kimbwala and Harry, are excited to graduate so they will be able to start a new chapter in their life.

With the many decisions ahead of them and with whatever the graduating seniors of 2007 decide to do with their lives, it is important to know that they have each made a difference at the University of La Verne in their own special ways.

They will surely be missed by all.

Michelle Ajemian can be reached at

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