Expect the worst for parking next year

Posted May 18, 2007

Parking has become a major problem at the University of La Verne. If you’re coming to school at 4 p.m. or later, good luck!

Even arriving 20 minutes early doesn’t help because you still end up circling the same parking lot, hoping for someone to leave.

Come fall, the University will break ground for the Campus Center, resulting in the elimination of more than 100 parking spaces.

With parking as bad as it already is, the University is looking to close off parking lots.

That’s right, these 100 spaces will be closed off for the next two years.

That means the Second Street baseball parking lot, and possibly the First Street parking behind the Athletics Pavilion as well as the lot on C and Second streets.

The disruption is all due to the Phase 1 of the University’s Master Plan.

Sure, the Campus Center will be a nice addition to the University, it will be a place “where students, faculty, staff, alumni and visitors will gather to socialize, study, conduct campus club meetings, receive student orientation, host receptions, or have meals.” But where are all these people going to park?

Why is the Campus Center part of phase one? Isn’t the University’s overwhelming need of parking just a little bit more important? It seems that any little bit of land the University gets its hands on is turned into another building. More buildings to hold more students, but where are these students going to park?

This issue has always been a ticking time bomb and come September it’s going to blow sky high.

Wait. Never fear, the University has some solutions.

Students and faculty may get to park on the current baseball and soccer fields and the University could rent other fields from high schools or colleges. Or we could park on the tennis courts and once again the University would rent other courts.

We at the Campus Times are sure our athletes will be thrilled with that. It is bad enough the our athletic teams barely receive support from the University, but now they will be faced with the humiliation of playing on a high school field.

Or maybe the University could have students park on the land shared with the city on Wheeler. Another possible solution is that students can park in the parking lot of the closed K-mart store on Foothill Boulevard.

That’s like a 20-minute walk. If students at University of La Verne wanted a 20-minute walk to get to class they would have attended a larger university.

So much for the close-knit feeling of La Verne. Plus, could you imagine students trekking up and down Foothill? That is an accident waiting to happen.

Finally, the University has one more solution: students could park at the Fairplex and be shuttled to the University. Doesn’t that sound exciting?

There is nothing like a long hard day then standing around waiting for a shuttle.

Not to mention the fact that we won’t be able to park there several times out of the year because of the previously scheduled events that take place at the Fairplex.

So it looks like we are just out of luck.

What the University needs to do is focus on expanding parking first, then we’ll all be able to enjoy the swanky new structures without worrying about shuttle schedules, 20-minute treks or getting to class late.

We know and appreciate the fact that a potential multilevel parking structure is in the University’s construction plans. But we also know that the structure is in “Phase Three,” of the construction plans.

Phase three? We have a problem that needs to be solved now, not sometime in the next five years.

We want and need a real solution, a permanent solution, to the parking problem.

Expect the worst for parking next year

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