Trips, work and recreation are summer’s hot picks

Posted May 19, 2006

The spring semester is almost over and there are not too many students who will take classes during the summer at ULV.

Some students had planned their summer vacations a long time ago and are going abroad to visit other countries.

“This summer looks so good for me because it seems that I am going everywhere,” Ian Linares, a CAPA student at ULV, said in Spanish. “First I am going to Lima, Peru. After that I will go to the Amazon, then I will visit two cities in Chile.  The last place I will go to is Argentina.”

Linares is not the only student from ULV who will be away from home for the summer.  Student Ashley Ince said she thinks she is also going to have a lot of fun during the summer.

“I’m am going to Hawaii for 10 days, and after Hawaii we are going to Australia,” Ince said. “A friend of mine is coming with me.”

However, not all students said they were going to have a summer full of fun. Some students are going to stay home in order to work, or to take some summer classes to earn a few extra credits.

“I staying with my parents the whole summer because I am planning to take a couple of classes at another university that is just by my house,” ULV sophomore Silvia Guerra said.

ULV student Matt Baley is also going home, but said he may have a vacation planned as well.

“I am going back to San Diego for the summer,” Baley said. “I think I am going to stay there for the whole summer, so I don’t have anything exciting—but I may go to Hawaii in August.”

Andrea Pineda, a photography major at ULV, plans on mostly work and little play for the summer.

“I am going to work the entire summer and at the same time I am going to summer school to take two classes,” Pineda said in Spanish. “During August I will have free time, and then I will go to the beach.”

Rida Fatima, a ULV student who is also the vice president of the Associated Student Federation, said she was looking forward to her summer job.

“I’ll be working at (California State) Assemblywoman Gloria Negrete McLeod’s office and volunteering for her campaign for State Senate,” Fatima said.

Exchange student Rafael Escamilla argued that he would have the most fun this summer because he gets to return to his hometown, Castellon, located on the east coast of Spain.

“I am so excited about going back to Spain, because even though I have had so much fun here in Los Angeles it has been hard for me to be far away from my family for such a long time,” Escamilla said. “During the summer I will go to the beach every day, and I am also planning to take a trip south on my motorbike to visit as many cities as I can.”

Other students from ULV will use this summer to try new sports. Kim Gray, a graphic design student, was really enthusiastic about her summer plans.

“This summer I will try to learn to surf,” Gray said.

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Trips, work and recreation are summer’s hot picks

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