Media outlets appoint new leaders
Posted May 19, 2006
Emmah Obradovich
Danielle DeBay will serve as the new KULV program director and Nicole Knight will be editor in chief for the Campus Times in fall 2006. DeBay, a radio broadcast major, previously served as the music editor and Knight, a journalism major, as arts, sports and managing editor.

Kady Bell
Assistant Editor

Passion, drive, an aptitude for leadership and firm know-how of their fields of expertise were just a few of the similar qualities recognized in the three newest students chosen to head the media outlets of the communications department at the University of La Verne.

After careful consideration, advisers Elizabeth Zwerling, associate professor of journalism; George Keeler, professor of journalism; Randy Miller, adjunct professor of journalism; and Mike Laponis, professor of communications, named Nicole Knight, a junior journalism major, editor in chief of Campus Times for the fall 2006 semester; Danielle DeBay, a junior radio broadcasting major, 2006-2007 program director; and Eric Iberri, another junior journalism student, editor of La Verne Magazine.

Zwerling said the elimination process always resulted in an overall consensus among advisers regarding the most established and potentially promising students on publication or radio staff, typically coming down to seniority.

No one expressed surprise over Zwerling’s decision to appoint Knight as editor in chief, as she has four prior semesters of experience as a consistent staff writer and goal-oriented editor on her side.

“She’s proven herself to be a hardworking team player,” Zwerling said. “It really wasn’t a hard decision because she’s someone that I’ve seen as capable in my mind for quite a while. You can be absolutely certain that she will get the job done.”

Knight said she was thankful and humbled by Zwerling’s decision, and ready to put her best reporting and editing skills forward, investing the necessary amount of time, energy and love for her future profession into covering the news gamut.

“I feel like I’ve grown in the range of stories I can cover,” Knight said. “I try to get passionate and delve into every story I’m working on ... because readers will know if you don’t care about your subject.”

Sergio Sandoval
Junior Eric Iberri will be editor of the La Verne Magazine. Being an assistant editor for the Campus Times this semester enabled him to meet new people and learn from them. Iberri has also been a staff writer for La Verne Magazine.

Knight also said she hoped to uphold the success of the publication, keeping the same goal of producing a semester’s worth of top-quality issues in mind, just as many editors have before her.

“We want the same thing every year; for writers and editors to work well together as a team and to keep on developing good writing and good editing to keep the momentum going,” Knight said.

In addition to Campus Times experience as sports, arts and managing editor, Knight has also served on La Verne Magazine for two semesters, bringing a well-bred journalistic finesse to the table.

“Being editor in chief is something you strive for as a journalism major – it’s kind of like a peak and when it comes along, it’s not something you pass up,” Knight said.

Laponis said DeBay was just as experienced in her field of communications, as she had developed into somewhat of a radio veteran since her first semester on staff, managing all the necessary aspects of an aspiring professional.

“She’s worked in several different capacities and has the expertise to take the station to a new level of achievement,” Laponis said. “She’s also very knowledgeable about music and has enough outside experience to provide a good service to the station.”

DeBay added that her familiarity with the duties of promotions and music director, both positions she held during the 2005-2006 school year, had given her the needed confidence to take on the more demanding responsibilities tied into the job description of program director, most of which she had already proved capable of overseeing.

“I’ve wanted to be program director since I first started on KULV staff, either because I like being in charge or because I think I can do a good job,” DeBay said.

Laponis and DeBay agreed that her love of music and vast knowledge of the subject had also added to her all-around proficiency, confirming that she would be more than competent at implementing worthwhile programming changes to KULV to attract new listeners.

“I have the drive to make the station better, so that we’re heard and people have us in mind so they can listen to us if they want to,” DeBay said.

Iberri was chosen as a candidate because Keeler, along with Miller, who will be taking over the position of La Verne Magazine adviser for the 2006-2007 term, felt that he could bring the publication to a new level as an experienced writer, tutor and figure of Web authority.

“He’s a creative writer and technological expert and he’s going to be a leader in convergence,” Keeler said. “He also has a wry sense of humor that comes across in his writing, which is full of personality and voice, and
never disappoints me.”

“I liked his energy and range of interests from maintaining the high quality of the magazine to exploring ways to improve it,” Miller added.
Iberri said his capacity to work with writers – an already rehearsed effort as an English tutor at the Learning Enhancement Center and assistant editor for Campus Times – set him apart more than his written craft, as he acknowledged that all the students on staff were exceptional writers in their own right.

“To me, it’s more about knowing the writers; knowing their strengths and being able to work with them,” Iberri said.

Iberri also said upgrading the La Verne Magazine Web site would be his major focal point to ensure its ability to go head-to-head with those of other college-level magazines in competitions.

“I want to get the online portion up-to-date, so that it looks professional and can be award-winning,” Iberri said.

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