Long-awaited weight room opens
Posted May 19, 2006
Lindsey Gooding
Grabbing gym towels, soccer players Fransisco Escobedo and Beto Valle check out the new pavilion weight room during the open house May 11. The new weight room is split into two areas now; the second floor contains cardio equipment and the first floor contains weights. Students now have a larger area to work out, in addition to the new equipment.

Angie Gangi
News Editor

The Sports Science and Athletics Pavilion opened the doors of the newly renovated weight room and cardio room May 8, with a special open house on May 11.

“This is a big step up from what we had before,” Athletic Director Chris Ragsdale said. “We wanted this area open before the end of the semester so people could see what they had to look forward to in the fall.”

The open house was planned as a way to show off the first functional facility in the Pavilion and let the La Verne public get its first look.

The first 100 visitors received water bottles and small ULV towels with the date of the open house printed on them.

“I was just very excited to see that they had finished this part of the pavilion,” said Judi Stillwell, ULV Academic Affairs faculty member. “I know the faculty uses the weight room during the summer, so I wanted to check the hours they will be open.”

The budget cuts on student work study hours have negatively affected the weight and cardio rooms’ hours.

The cardio room is open 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Thursday and from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Friday.

The weight room hours are slightly shorter on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday with no weekend hours for now.

“I wouldn’t have bought a gym membership if I had known this was going to be here,” said Christin Cochran, senior television broadcasting major.
“It seems so convenient for students to workout while they’re already here for class,” he added.

One of the best features of the new weight room is that it is actually two rooms now.

The lower level is mostly dedicated to the weights and strength training machines, while the second level is designed for cardio workouts.

“We want the weight room and cardio room to be accessible and to accommodate everyone,” Ragsdale said. “There is no time reserved for athletics only and the separate areas help people who are not athletes feel comfortable while they work out.”

Ragsdale raffled ULV water bottles, ULV lanyards, T-shirts, Podge’s gift certificates, a work out bag and two full body analysis/personal training session certificates to the 20 people at the open house raffle.

The weights in the weight room are the older weights that were there before the renovation but new weights have been purchased.

“We have so many more plans for the Pavilion,” Ragsdale said. “The future possibilities are very exciting.”

Angie Gangi can be reached at agangi@ulv.edu.

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