Amira Seyoum
Staff Writer

A movie full of laughs and love is the perfect way to describe Jennifer Lopez and Jane Fonda’s’ new movie, “Monster in Law.”

Every bride-to-be’s nightmare is to have a horrible mother-in-law who hates you.

Lopez, who has had her share of mothers-in-law, did a good job playing the innocent, loveable daughter-in-law by proving she loved her fiance, played by Michael Vartan, and wasn’t giving up on her man.

The plot of the movie is that after years of being unlucky in love, Charlotte 'Charlie' Cantilini (Lopez) finally meets the man of her dreams, Dr. Kevin Fields (Vartan).

However, there is just one problem – his mother, who is the woman of Charlie’s nightmares.

This romantic comedy is one of Lopez’s best and a great way for Fonda to make a come back after her 14-year absence from the big screen.

Lopez, who plays the quirky Charlie who works 10 different jobs, meets the man of her dreams by bumping into him three different times.

Vartan, on the other hand, plays the straightforward doctor who is more of an opposite of Lopez’s character.

Domineering and controlling, not to mention her hot temper, Viola Fields (Fonda) is Vartans’ mother in the movie.

She has recently been fired from her job as a national news anchor.

Fearing she will lose her son's affections with her career loss, Viola decides to drive Charlie crazy and scare her off.

Fonda was hilarious with her scheming and plotting to get rid of her soon to be daughter-in- law.

She did anything and everything she could think of to embarrass and drive Charlie away.

But when the truth was unveiled and Charlie knew why Viola was acting the way she was, the gloves came off.

Charlie decided to fight back and the audience began to see who the “alpha female” was.

Helping her with her crazy schemes is Viola's long-time assistant Ruby (Wanda Sykes).

Ruby was the one with the brains bringing some common sense to Violas’ head when she was ready to do some crazy things.

Sykes did a great job of adding even more comedy to the film. Lopez and Fonda did a good job, but sometimes they needed a little more, fortunately, Sykes was there to take up the slack.

The women made the movie worth watching. However, Vartan wasn’t as interesting. He was simply there.

The movie is a great flick to see with your girlfriends and boyfriend, but not the latter’s mother.

You wouldn’t want to send the wrong message!

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Posted May 20, 2005