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Registration not without bugs
Posted May 20, 2005
Matthew Loriso
Staff Writer

This semester marked the first time in ULV’s history that the entire registration process was completed online.

In recent years, different aspects of registration slowly became available over the Internet.

“(When registering online), you don’t have to stand in line and it saves time,” freshman Annalee Sendis said.

The decision to make registration an online activity was originally made by the Enrollment Streamlining Committee. This committee is composed of upper-management and staff, who felt the need to update the registration system.

By now, most students have become used to online registration. However, this semester’s change to class listings being online, which happens to be the final step of the process, has not received much positive feedback from students.

In a recent, informal survey, eight out of the 10 students asked said that they preferred registering online rather than in an office with paper.

However, of these same 10 students, nobody liked have the class listings exclusively online, and would prefer having the choice of using a class listings booklet.

“(Using the booklet) is something I’ve done since freshman year and to switch it up towards the end of my stay here is frustrating,” junior Jethro Acenas said. “I liked having (the booklet) because I usually highlight stuff and eliminate classes I don’t need. But with online, I have to write everything down and (I can’t get) organized with that.”

Freshman David Duong has another reasoning for favoring the booklet over the online catalogue.

“It is a lot harder to find classes and arrange a schedule online then it would be with a printed booklet,” Duong said.

He also mentioned how he understood that it was cheaper for the school to not print out information that could be found on the website.

Junior Ashley Savage found that her problems with the online class listings did not arise until after she began registering.

“It takes longer to go back and look stuff up if your class is full,” Savage said. “It is kind of frustrating.”

Despite the difficulties some run into without a booklet, there was a reason for omitting them from the process.

As soon as the booklets become available to students, they are out of date, said Shannon Beets, director of academic records technology.

“(The online class listing) was an attempt to deal with the ongoing process of corrections and additions to the course schedule,” Beets said. “Our intent is to make sure that students and advisors have the most accurate and up to date information available at all times.”

At any rate, the entire registration process is now online. However, there are kinks in the system.

Two of the 10 students claimed to have been giving incorrect advisor approval codes.

“I was waiting on the Internet to type [my schedule] in at exactly 7 to beat the rush, but my advisor approval code didn’t work,” freshman Monique Trudeau said. “Since I was on the Internet, I had to wait [almost two hours] to get a correct code. That was a bit stressful.”

Freshman Kelly Rivas ran into the same problem.

“I think there is a flaw in (the process of) online registration due to you can get the wrong registration code and (by the time the problem is fixed) you might miss out on classes you need.”

Matthew Loriso can be reached at mloriso@ulv.edu.

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