Campus Times
May 21
, 2004

photo by Jessica Valerio

Last Thursday, the La Verne Fire Department received a call reporting a suspicious smell coming from Founders Hall. Sharla Geist, administrative assistant for the natural sciences department, noticed the smell and wondered if it was gas. She followed protocol and immediately called Robert Beebe, assistant director of facilities and management, to report the smell. Unknown to Geist, someone else had called the La Verne Fire Department, which responded by sending four fire trucks.

“A student working on a biology research project was working with some kind of bacteria next to the vents, and the fumes ended up running through them,” Geist said. The students were evacuated from Founders Hall by the fire fighters and within a few minutes were allowed back in after fire fighters found no reason to suspect any danger.

Top Stories

Guarded optimism for ’04 - ’05 budget

The current year's budget cuts will continue into the new fiscal year in an effort to keep ULV solvent.

Budget approved by Board of Trustees

The Board has approved the largest operating budget in University history.

Raises delayed

Due to budget constraints, ULV's annual employee cost-of-living increases will be delayed six months.

Tattoos a permanent trend

ULV students are taking ink to skin in a bid for self-expression.



Comm. announces fall leaders

New editors for the Campus Times and La Verne Magazine, and a new program director for KULV, are ready to take their positions next semester.

Yvonne Davis leaves ULV after years of contribution

The popular education professor retires after more than 30 years with La Verne.

Sister Mary to go part-time at library

Popular librarian Sister Mary Dennis Peters begins her semi-retirement.

Floras will stay at ULV

Women's volleyball head coach Don Flora reverses his earlier decision and will return to his coaching post at La Verne.

McAndrew chosen to address peers

Erin McAndrew has been selected as the undergraduate student speaker at the 2004 commencement ceremony.

Past student takes on Dreier

La Verne graduate Cynthia Matthews will be incumbent David Dreier's opponent in this year's congressional elections.