CAB welcomes students back
Posted Sept. 12, 2008
Leah Heagy
During “Welcome Back Week,” University of La Verne students Ami Smith, Kristina Vaughn and Nick Gonzalez joined in the “Welcome Back BBQ” in Sneaky Park, where there was line dancing and commuters got to eat for free.

The Campus Activities Board began the first week of September with events to welcome students back to the University of La Verne for fall semester.

“We are planning to do many events this semester to get students back into the school spirit,” Campus Activities Board Concert Chair Monica Esparza said.

Last year, many students did not participate in events planned by CAB, but board members are positive students will respond better this year.

CAB is planning to be more effective about publicizing events for students.

They also plan to schedule their events during the day so more students can participate. Commuters often leave campus after classes, so they do not attend many night events.

CAB will also cut back on the number of activities they plan, so that more money can be spent on larger events.

“Many students who commute were not able to participate in some of the events last year, but it is hoped everyone this year can be more involved,” Esparza said.

“Welcome Back Week” was more than just an event to welcome students back to school. There were also activities that served to introduce students to the other clubs available on campus.

On Sept. 5, in Davenport, the Multicultural Club Council sponsored “No Spots, No Shots,” where students danced, meet other people and had their pictures taken. The theme was created to encourage students to dress up in spots and Leopard prints to show school spirit.

There were also “mocktails,” which are non-alcoholic shots that helped encourage students to get on the dance floor.

“It is more than just clubs getting together to have an event, but also supporting each other,” Philanthropy Chair Kaitlin Eckert said.

On Sept. 4, CAB Film Chair Chris Weedon hosted an Outdoor Movie Night, a showing of “Iron Man” that helped to welcome students back to campus.

CAB estimated that more than 100 students participated in the event.

The crowd of students hung out on the steps of Sneaky Park until midnight to see the ending of the movie, and some said they wanted to see it again.

On Sept 4, Leopards participated in “Race My Ride,” where students took time out from classes and raced toy remote cars in front of Founders Auditorium.

Many students, who were already stressed by the first week of school, had a hard time getting their remote cars moving in the right direction but thought it was a good way to release tension.

“It is a great way to come out and support each other and other sorority sisters,” senior liberal studies major Alexandrina Velasco said. “I didn’t get my car all the way around to the finish line, but it was a great way to take a break from classes.”

CAB members are looking forward to a successful season with fewer events that will draw larger crowds.

They will soon be providing students with wallet-sized calendars of events, so the schedule will be readily available to all students.

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CAB welcomes students back

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