The Fun’s Just Begun

Dr. Trance brings back magic

Boomers offers fun for everyone

The Fun’s Just Begun
Posted Sept. 14, 2007
Leah Heagy
The Los Angeles County Fair opened Sept. 7 and will continue through the end of the month. The Fair moved to its current location in 1941, but a year later was shut down and used as an army base during World War 11. When it reopened in 1948, the Fair Association of Los Angeles signed a 49-year lease for use of the land and buildings to display agricultural products. RCS, which supplies the Fair with more than 70 rides, is the largest midway carnival company in North America. Today, the Fair is known for its carnival rides, exhibits and street vendors.

The Los Angeles County Fair is bringing back the fun to the Fairplex in Pomona.

The annual fair is back and ready to be enjoyed with several different attractions catering to everyone in the family.

This year the Los Angeles County Fair, which opened Sept. 7, was jam-packed with many attractions to keep you busy all day.

There are the always-popular and exciting rides that get your adrenaline pumping as well as the carnival games.
There are several new attractions this year, including ‘Eco Now!’

The fair also has great food that keeps people coming year after year.

As families rushed to the rides for all the excitement this weekend, Julie Medina came to the fair with her family to continue their yearly tradition.
Medina and her family look forward to the same things every year.

‘The games, because of the little one, and the rides,’ Medina said.

The fair has attractions for everyone in the family to enjoy.

May Faure brought her two daughters this year for some weekend fun.

‘We are looking for something educational,’ Faure said.

As fun as the fair may be, it can also be educational.

With the ‘Eco Now!’ attraction this year people are able to learn the importance and benefits of living a green lifestyle.

There are different exhibits where you will learn, experience and see how just doing one small thing to help the environment can go a long way.

After seeing the County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works’ House of Trash displaying how much trash a family throws away in a year, you will think twice about throwing recyclables away.

If you happen to get tired from the heat as you walk around, just head over to Winter Wonderland where you can cool down quickly by skating a few laps around the ice-skating rink.

You can never go wrong with winter in September, especially in Southern California.

The fair not only offers fun attractions during the day, but at night you can enjoy a concert by some popular acts followed by a firework show.

This past weekend performances were made by Heart and Ciara.

Some of the acts who have yet to perform are Lifehouse, Paulina Rubio, the B-52’s and Earth, Wind & Fire, just to name a few.

Paid admission to the fair allows you access to the concert, but tickets must be purchased for reserved seating.

The Los Angeles County Fair is open Wednesday through Sunday and will continue through Sept. 30.

Students can purchase tickets in Leo’s Den for $10.

‘When students buy their tickets from Leo’s Den, they can upgrade to the wristband at the gate,’ Barbara Mulligan, associate director of student life, said.

The wristband will give you unlimited access to the rides.

So whenever you feel like doing something fun this month just head down to the fair, it is only a few steps away from campus.

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