KULV broadcasts on Internet

Campus Times
September 19, 2003

photo by Reina Santa Cruz

This semester's new KULV program director is Amber Salmeron, known to her listeners as "Amber Rose." A senior, majoring in broadcasting, Salmeron can be heard on the air Tuesdays from noon to 3 p.m.

by Alexis Carrillo
Staff Writer

Ever wanted to hear your campus radio station ­ off campus?

Well, now you can.

Last month the University of La Verne's own KULV began broadcasting over the Internet.

KULV has been on the air since 1976, but until now, its broadcasts only aired locally.

But as of a week before the school year kicked off, the station's potential for listeners grew dramatically.

"We always wanted to be broadcast over the Net," said Mike Laponis, the communications professor who heads the department's radio station. "The main thing is that people who are not on campus can hear the product. Parents of the on-air staff can hear their sons or daughters on the radio."

KULV's new program director, senior Amber Salmeron, said she is delighted with the technological upgrade, which she said changes her job somewhat.

"We could have more possibilities (for) listeners (since) it's available to more people," Salmeron said. "I have to think differently for programming and not just apply it to people on campus."

The communications faculty had been looking to an Internet launch for some time. It was a work in progress for a while with certain software and materials needed to make it a reality.

An obvious benefit of having KULV online is to have listeners spanning beyond the dorm-room scene. Anyone who has Real Audio software can listen to the broadcast, although only 25 listeners can log in at once.

The benefits go beyond entertainment.

"With new devices in technology, we are able to teach students in mass media and broadcasting by using various applications," Laponis said.

In addition to a variety of music and other programming, KULV continues to air sports games and play-by-plays.

To reach the live broadcast from virtually any location, listeners can visit: www.ulv.edu/kulv.