Campus Times
September 20, 2002

photo by Jennifer Contreras

The candles that were handed out during Mazen Saab's memorial service were symbolic of his life, said Protestant Minister,Debbie Roberts. Many people shared their thoughts and memories about Saab. Prayers and songs were also dedicated in Saab's memory. A small memorial in his honor has been placed on Arrow Highway where the accident occurred.

Top Stories

Saab's life is honored at memorial

The event commemorates the student who died last week.

ULV general education requirements may change

A drive is underway to revamp the number of courses students must take to graduate.



ULV housing makes improvements

The fire sprinkler malfunctions in the Oaks are among the many issues resolved over the summer.

Councilman involved in accident Wednesday

The car being driven by councilman Pat Gatti strikes a pedestrian on D Street.

'Got spots?' proves to be success

Changes made to the new student orientation program earn rave reviews.

ULV takes on new security measures

Following federal law, the University issues new ID numbers to students, faculty and staff.

Conditional use permit expires for Annex

The Hoover Annex is removed after the relocation of OIT.

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