Forecast for fall: Warm and cozy

Posted Sept. 21, 2007
Wei Huang
Narlyia Sterling, a Maryland native and sophomore theatre arts major brings a little bit of East Coast fall fashion to California. She, along with many other women, are wearing several layers to keep warm during the fall season. Her outfit is complemented by some fall accessories.

With fall fashion already in stores, University of La Verne students spoke about the warm and cozy fall trends that are steadily approaching Southern California.

“It’s SoCal, we don’t wear seasonal clothing,” freshman Brook Ball said.
“I don’t know too much about fashion, but fall fashion, I know that means runway.”

Designers are keeping in mind the colors of fall; deep browns, reds, oranges plus other darker colors, helping to stray away from the bright colors of spring and summer.

With the heat decreasing, the amount of clothing is increasing.

People are layering up and beginning to bundle up for the upcoming seasonal change.

Some favorite articles of clothing most commonly expressed from students included scarves, sweaters, pea coats, jackets and more.

Keeping in mind the thought of staying warm, comfort was vital for many of the ULV students.

For men this fall, store shelves display cotton fitted and waffle crewneck tees along with puffer vests, moleskin blazers and cargo pants.

Men are also keeping their heads warm this season with beenies and hats.

“Being casual, while being warm always leaves me being comfortable for the little breezes during the fall season,” Mike Harber, legal studies major, said.

The fall weather brings change and gives meaning to the term of feeling all warm and cozy inside.

Students expressed an array of emotions toward fall’s up and coming appearance.

“I absolutely love being able to wear clothes from summer along with my warmer clothes for fall, since it’s hot and cold in SoCal,” freshman psychology major Ashley Dompiere said.

Others wish for sunny, summer rays, instead of falls cold and rainy days.

Some women are happy that summer is gone and the maintence that goes along with it.

“The thought of not having to shave all the time and not sweating from the heat, now that’s fall,” business administration major Katie Lytle said.

The thought of accessorizing was also an exciting factor for some of the ladies at ULV.

Shadowing the runway, boots are the new hot trend and let’s not forget about skirts complimented by leggings.

Stores are currently stocking ponchos, shawl-collar sweaters, crewneck long sleeves and puffer vest.

Also in stores for the ladies are boot cut/skinny jeans and slacks.

Men’s fashion, also very significant this fall, seems to be showing an increase in the demand for leather jackets.

“The new ability to wear suits or be casual is pretty nice,” Wade Worthy, a senior business major said.

ULV students giving notice to a cozy fall, appreciate the simple comforts of wearing jeans and sweaters.

A trend filled with comfort and style is also known for its clean look and feel.

“Fall fashion is comfortable but has an elegant look to it as well, the colors are nice and mature, there is something about it,” freshman liberal studies major, Danielle Nobles said.

Fashion plays a role in our everyday life and should imitate the overall feeling of relaxation.

Despite ones’ personal preference to fashion just remember the coziness fall brings to you.

Bundle up, wear layers and enjoy the cool weather fall has to offer in style.

Danielle Lampkin can be reached at

Forecast for Fall: Warm and cozy

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