Leopards take a break for recess
Posted Sept. 21, 2006

The game may sound fishy, but there was nothing fishy about it as students of the University of La Verne participated in a game of Sardines on Sept. 11.

The event, sponsored by the Campus Activities Board, took place in Sneaky Park.

The event hosted roughly 20 students with several of the students coming out to get some relief from the stress of back to school.
Everyone was excited to take a break from homework to go outside and play.

“It’s just something fun to do,” Cindel de los Reyes, CAB’s special events chair said.

Ryan Figgs, intramural chair for CAB, along with de los Reyes, brought together a game that tested both physical and mental skill.

“We came together to think about how to calm the students down from the stress of homework, studying and working,” Figgs said.

Sardines is like the game of hide and go seek, but with a twist.

Instead of having one person as a traditional seeker, Sardines has only one hider and appoints everyone else as the seekers.

The game began at 10:20 p.m. as students expected the first round to be a breeze.

To everyone’s surprise there was only one game played that night, a game that took 40 minutes to complete.

Fabian Barreto, a sophomore, was the lone hider of the night, who set out to prove he was the best.

With motivation from his friends, Barreto ventured out to make it a game for the ages, even if it meant missing celebrating his own birthday with friends.

“Today is my birthday,” Barreto said before the game started.

After Barreto decided on a hiding place, participants were then allowed to search in the designated area between the front of Founders Hall and the University Mall.

Barreto proved to be no match for the other player, as participants ran around the designated area over and over again.

Many students became frustrated and started using devices such as cameras and cell phones to shine light on dark areas.

Other participants started using verbal tactics to try to get Barreto to speak.

One by one, participants threw their hands up in the air and wanted the game to be over due to exhaustion.

Others were still persistent, as they began to feel they were getting close.

“Normally, there’s a big area, but this is a small area and we still couldn’t find him,” Antoinette Borders, a junior criminology major said.

After 40 minutes, the search ended when Barreto was finally found by Figgs.

Figgs discovered him in a bush next to the chapel, with his hat and shirt off.

When Barreto finally came out of hiding, he greeted Figgs with glee.

Figgs praised Barreto for being a worthy competitor for the night.

“We had a very good competitor,” Figgs said to the participants.

People were relieved Barreto was found but wanted to know where he was hiding.

At first Barreto did not reveal his hiding place, but soon he gave in and showed the participants where he was found.

Participants were baffled and in disbelief as many of them realize he was under their noses the whole time.

They could not believe how long it took them to find him in such a small area.

“It was a fun game,” Borders said.“But it was tiring when you can’t find anybody, even in a small area.”

“It was a very good idea, it was so much fun,” Naime Laskar, major events co chair of CAB said.

Being the hider of the game, Barreto was happy with his birthday night.

“I’m not surprised,” Barreto said. “I’m a champion and I conquered.”

Even though the game was longer than expected, everyone had a great time.

They were happy to forget about all of their responsibilities and act like kids again.

De los Reyes was so happy with the outcome of the event that she decided to host Sardines again.

“I thought it went very well. I can’t wait to do recess games again,” De los Reyes said.

“It was a lot more people than expected and that’s always a good thing,” Figgs said. “And everybody participated and had fun.”

Jonathan Smith can be reached at jsmith11@ulv.edu.

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