Students escape from La Verne for summer
Posted Sept. 21, 2006

Students worked hard, and played even harder this summer break between Mexico and Hawaii, no one went without a party.

Emotions are mixed among University of La Verne students as summer comes to an end, and the new school year begins.

“I wanted to stay on the beach for one more day,” said Christiana Kyratzouli about returning to La Verne from her home in Athens, Greece. She most enjoyed the cruise she went on with her family, floating through Italy, Spain and Morocco.

Not all students got to travel the culture rich Mediterranean but rather stayed close to campus enduring the extreme heat.

“My summer felt like I worked and went to school the whole time,” Tiffanie Sigal said. This summer she moved back home to Newport Beach where she worked and lounged by the ocean on off days.

Although she moaned about working and not being able to save money she did enjoy a trip to Hawaii to visit a sorority sister.

Other students relate to Sigal spending the sweltering hot days at boring jobs. Kryatzouli all the way over in Greece even had business to handle before returning to the United States.

She only spent a month of this summer home, where she had to squeeze in doctors appointments and close loose ends with friends.

Isamaeli Toilolo stayed close to campus. He spent his summer days paying off bills and playing football.

“Another day, another dollar,” Toilolo said when summing up his summer.
He was able to sneak away from work for a week and take a short vacation to Mexico.

Many other students found solace in Mexican vacation hotspots.

Sammy Villanueva and DeAndre Valencia both considered their trip to Mexico the highlight of the summer.

“Working like freaking two weeks straight without a day off,” Valencia said was the worst part of summer.

Valencia said it would not be summer for him if he did not get a chance to party. Some students had the liberty to play more than work. Lonal McKnight traveled within the United States to New Jersey, Atlanta and Las Vegas.

“It was fun while it lasted. Now it’s over and I’m back at La Verne,” McKnight said.

Not surprisingly most students shared the same sentiment about summer ending once again.

“Summer is always too short,” Villanueva said when asked if he was ready to return to school.

Although short he was enthused to see fraternity brothers after a busy summer.

Returning to school is always bittersweet for students. They were excited to see old friends, but dreaded new homework.

“Getting to see all my sisters at the end of the summer,” was the highlight of this summer Brittany Hines said.

While working at a restaurant this summer, she was able to spend extra money going to the beach.

Students were running around campus catching up with peers after the long summer.

Alicia Mcgaurghey could not wait for the summer to end. “Is it over yet,” Mcgaurghey said.

She spent her summer as a resistant advisor and working at a restaurant.
All in all students have conceded that school has begun.

Everyone worked hard and played even harder making it a summer to remember, especially for those seniors who recognize that adolescence is almost over.

“Stepping up to the plate, and be responsible,” Valencia said when summing up his summer.

He is scheduled to graduate this spring and realized that this was his last official summer break.

Summer for University of LaVerne students was quite diverse this year. Many students had to work, many students traveled, some did not want summer to end while others could not wait for the school year to begin.

The consensus of this summer for University of LaVerne students maintains one commonality. Although students had responsibilities to take care of fun was always on the agenda.

Jordan Litke can be reached at

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Students escape La Verne for summer

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