Campus Times
September 24
, 2004

photo by Adam Omernik

When Candace Doi became president of the Lynch Sign Company 13 years ago, she found that she could not afford operational costs in California, which included worker’s compensation insurance, so she moved the operation to Nevada. Now, with the introduction of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “California Wants Your Business” campaign she said, “I feel that there’s a better business climate right now.” Responding to the campaign with a call to the Governor’s office, she moved back to California. “We’re hoping to grow by about 350 percent” within the next year, Doi said.

Top Stories

ULV Athens campus closes abruptly

Financial concerns cause the University to cut its ties with the organization that operates the Greek center, a popular destination for students looking to study abroad.

E-vote system flawed

The introduction of controversial touch-screen voting machines alarms some citizens.



Colleagues salute retiring SCE dean

Jim Manolis is feted for his 30 years of service to ULV.

Summer school proves too pricey for most

Many students forego ULV's summer course offerings in favor of classes at less expensive institutions.

Science grant offered to students

The $400,000 grant is earmarked for promoting student retention in the computer science, computer engineering and mathematics programs.

ULV opens new campus

The University's off-campus programs expand with a new center in Victorville, Calif.

Campus Times takes top award

The Inland Professional chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists honors the Campus Times.

John Lentz puts off planned retirement

The director of campus safety returns to ULV on a part-time basis.