Provost names 4 VPs
Posted Sept. 26, 2008
Stephanie Arellanes
Al Clark, newly renamed associate vice president for academic affairs, has worked at the University of La Verne since 1976. He became assistant dean of academic affairs in 1983. Clark is currently responsible for quality management, institutional research and serves as institutional liaison with the Western Association of Schools and Colleges for accreditation. Clark also founded ULV Online and served in the offices of ULV’s international student affairs, study abroad and weekend series.

Saying it was in order to better assist the faculty, staff and students, Alden J. Reimonenq, ULV's provost and vice president for academic affairs, has reorganized the structure of the academic affairs department, naming four new vice presidents to support him in his role as provost.

Named to the new positions are Adeline Cardenas-Clague, Al Clark, Mark Nelson and Zandra Wagoner.

Academic affairs is responsible for the academic programs at the University. It is also where the faculty resides on the ULV organizational chart.

“Before the reorganization of academic affairs, there were too many units reporting to me,” Reimonenq said.

With the new plan, effective Sept. 1, nine direct units report to Reimonenq, as opposed to 13 direct units that were reporting to him before system reorganization.

Reimonenq became provost and vice president of academic affairs March 1, 2007. For more than a year, he said he looked for a way to better organize academic affairs.

“The administrative roles in academic affairs are now more clearly defined with the reorganizations,” Wagoner, assistant vice president for undergraduate programs, said.

The main reason he cited was to provide better service to the faculty, staff and students from administrators.

Reimonenq said he now has more time to focus his attention on academic initiatives, such as student enrollment and the new academic calendar and make connections with the board of trustees.

“The reorganization will improve the quality of meetings in academic affairs by providing for better focus,” Reimon­enq said. “It will also allow more participation with faculty on improving academic quality and creating new academic programs.”

Reimonenq added, “I am very comfortable with the reorganization, and it works much better for the University.”

Reimonenq said that there were no new positions created. The four named to the new vice president titles did receive a pay boost that compensates them for the added job responsibility.

Deans were not affected by the change; however, the reorganization will allow Reimon­enq to work closely with them. The four deans of the different colleges now report directly to him.

Most affected by the restructuring are the athletics department and the Wilson Library. The athletics department and the office of institutional research and Center for Teaching and Learning all report to Nelson, associate vice president for academic affairs.

Cardenas-Clague, associate vice president for academic support and retention services, oversees the registrar, graduate academic support, undergraduate support and the Learning Enhancement Center.

“I support the reorganization of academic affairs,” Cardenas-Clague said. “I believe that it will provide for greater focus for academic affairs.”

Wagoner manages the general education program and the honors program. She manages the University catalog, a role held for more than 20 years by Clark.

“I believe that the Provost has thoughtfully considered the organizational structure of academic affairs,” Wagoner said. “The reorganization provides clear roles for all administrators, which certainly helps the University.”

Clark, associate vice president for academic affairs, oversees sponsored research and the Wilson Library.

“So far there has been no opposition toward the reorganization,” Reimonenq said. “But there have been questions on why some are not reporting directly to me.”

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