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September 28, 2001

photo by Lauren Wooding

The dA Center for the Arts in Pomona is currently featuring "Face It! Masks From Head To Toe." The show is a collection of paintings, sketches and sculptures from different local artists. Dee Marcellas Cole, a former art instructor at ULV, is one of the featured artists. Her sculpture, "Mascara Paseo," is on display in the current show, selling for $150. The shows at the Center are always themed. If it is an open show the artists are charged $15-20 to display their work, and if they sell, the gallery takes 35 percent of the sale. "Face It!" will be on display until Sept. 30.

Unmasking the true meaning of art

The dA Gallery in Pomona offers a fanciful look at facial facades.

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The soul singer gets deep inside her own head with "The Id."

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