Campus Times
September 28, 2001


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Firefighters fill boots with $140k

The La Verne Fire Department raises money to help terrorist rescue and recovery efforts.

Departments move into newer surroundings

Communications, Art and Behavioral Science are just a few of the departments that have shuffled offices over the summer.



Univeristy changes to laundry cards

A new pre-pay system looks to make hunting for quarters a thing of the past.

Lentz clarifies campus gun policy

ULV's policy on firearms possession is revamped to better accomodate off-campus locations.

ASF elections will alter current amendments

Special elections are also scheduled for next week.

Number of new professors increases

A record 29 new faculty members join the University this year.

Scientist finds new passion in teaching at ULV

Christine Broussard wastes no time in making a mark on campus.

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