Men Women and Children rock out
Posted Sept. 28, 2007
Seanette Garcia
Formed in 2004 by Todd Weinstock and Daryl Palumbo, the New York-based band Men Women and Children opened for De La Soul at Cal Poly Pomona’s Bronco Fusion on Sept. 19. Weinstock, a former band member of Glassjaw, and vocalist T.J. Penzone welcomed the incoming freshmen students to Cal Poly Pomona with sounds from their self-titled 2006 album.

Screaming college students avidly greeted the band Men Women and Children on Sept. 19, as part of Cal Poly Pomona’s Bronco Fusion, an event held to welcome incoming college students to the campus.

Bubbles and smoke filled the air as the band began their performance.

Men Women and Children provided the students with an exciting and fun show.

Everyone at the event including the band and crowd were filmed during the concert and could be seen on a big screen hanging behind the band.

The screen helped with visibility and enabled everyone in attendance a clear shot of the band.

It also added a sense of audience involvement to the performance.

Men Women and Children, originally from New York, was started by two former Glassjaw members, Daryl Palumbo and Todd Weinstock, in 2004.

On the band’s MySpace page, Men Women and Children write a personal, tongue-in-cheek message to their fans.

“Men Women and Children began, like many bands do, as babies. They were all born at different times different wombs, except T.J. and Rick who were born of the same womb. The band’s music is the sound of freedom, truth, justice, and the American way...mixed with the Spanish armada.”

The band played at the beginning of the Bronco Fusion concert, but the crowd was so loud that names of songs were either not given or not said loud enough to be understood.

Song lyrics were also very difficult to decipher, as is typical in rock concerts with loud fans and music.

Although the words were not decipherable, the general sound of the music and the beat, rhythm and style were original.

The music was upbeat and was not just loud, head-banging rock music, but had a uniqueness that was apparent to all the concert-goers.

On the band’s MySpace page, Men Women and Children list their influences as James Brown, Prince, the Jackson 5 and Talking Heads.

Several of these influences can be heard in their rhythm and harmonies.

“Dance in My Blood” is a song that can be heard on the MySpace page and has a rock/funk style. It is a bold, energetic and catchy tune.

Men Women and Children define their sound as “Electro/Funk/Italian Pop,” but its style might be more difficult to define due to its originality.

Upcoming events, music and photos of the band members can also be found on their MySpace page at

They also provide additional information on their personal Web site,

On that site fans can find information about tour dates and albums, as well as links to buy merchandise, like t-shirts, sweatshirts and accessories with the band’s logo.

Men Women and Children also provide a special offer for those who are put on the band’s guest list.

Any fans who are willing to help passing out flyers and doing other promotion for their concerts will receive extra band benefits.

Other songs written by Men Women and Children are “The Name of the Train,” “Messy” and “Time for the Future.”

With an all around fun and enjoyable sound, Men Women and Children are sure to be around for a while.

Susan Acker can be reached at

Men Women and Children rock out

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