Bangles, baubles and beads

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Emmah Obradovich
Bangles, Baubles and Beads
Posted September 30, 2005
Senior Jessica Avino gets many of her accessories from Styles, Forever 21, Classics and Silhouettes. “I love wearing fashionable things, but I don’t like how it is stressed in society,” Avino said.
Lindsey Gooding
Staff Writer

In recent months big accessories have taken over. The trend started when celebrities like Nicole Richie and Jessica Simpson were seen wearing the big sunglasses and sporting even bigger purses. This fashion statement has not only influenced Hollywood but can be seen at the University of La Verne.

ULV women seem to have embraced this fashion trend. Everywhere you look there is a student wearing big sunglasses or lugging around a big purse. However not all like the look just for style. Some find it useful.

“I had a small purse and everything was falling out,” freshman Elise Acosta said. “I needed a purse and a bag big enough to hold everything, including my books.”

This was a common response. Many women like the fact that they can be fashionable and use the accessory in their day-to-day lives. Women do not necessarily buy something for fashion reasons, but it is a bonus if it is cute.

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Some purses that women have been carrying around have a variety of patterns and colors. They come in different shades of leather, and may be accompanied with metal pieces. Funky fabrics and wild patterns also add to the variety of styles. The newest purses are big and slinky with metallic colors or sequins all over, while maintaining the over size fashion look.
This fashion trend has been around for about two years and retail stores like Robinson's May are still receiving shipments of large beaded necklaces and big sunglasses.

“The ‘80s trend is real big right now and the bigger the better,” said John Robert, a Sunglass Hut employee.

Many times you notice that trends come and go. The ‘big’ obsession was around during the ‘70s and ‘80s and was revived a few years ago.

Sometimes that is bad, but in this case it has turned out okay. This is also an affordable trend. People can find old jewelry at thrift stores or find that perfect bag for a bargain. Freshman Katrina Woloschuk found a great pair of sunglasses for the perfect price.

“I find the big sunglasses look best on my face,” Woloschuk said. “They were also in my price range.”

You can find these chunky glasses at all types of stores; they come in all types of colors, and at any price range. Pac Sun and Sunglass Hut carry the more popular brands, such as Ray Ban, Von Zipper or D&G .

The people producing fashion products continue to produce these items, and the public still seems to be buying them. Marketing is the retailers number one tool. They want to get the product out there and have be known.

People might not want to admit it, but some designers are shipping things in truck loads to celebrities. Designers want celebrities to wear their merchandise so that their fans, in this case women, will want their product.

“A lot of people come in and ask for the J-Lo ring,” said Nicole Allison, Bliss Accessories employee. “They want the Mariah Carey butterfly ring too.”

The amount of influence that today’s superstars have over the fashion world is incredible. It’s hard to deny that if a celebrity is seen eating at a restaurant or holding a certain purse then it is more likely that it will be the next hottest “must have” item.

Stores like Sunglass Hut and Bliss have definitely noticed the sales in ‘big’ jewelry and ‘big’ sunglasses are on the rise.

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