Leo's Den proves successful

The newly remodeled and relocated Leo’s Den has been a smart move for the students of the University of La Verne.

The Leo’s Den is a lounge where students can play pool, board games and foosball, watch television, study or just relax.

When construction began last semester in the Supertents, the Leo’s Den was moved to the new Student Center, which is now located in Leo Hall.

Because of the move, Leo’s Den has become more popular than any other student lounge spot on campus. Not only is the new lounge much closer to the Oaks, but it is also more visible than when it was hidden in the Supertents.Because of the improved location and greater visibility, it seems that more students actually want to spend portions of their evening socializing at this on-campus hangout spot.

For making the move and giving students a place to relax, the University deserves to get recognition. We may have been skeptical about the Student Center moving, but after seeing its impact and the results, we can see that the move was the perfect thing to do.

However, there are a few minor setbacks to the newly redecorated and relocated Leo’s Den.

With the popularity of Leo’s Den rising, the lounge isn’t big enough to hold the amount of students that seek to use it. Unfortunately there just isn’t enough room for everyone.

Is the University going to do anything to accommodate more students? Will they try to expand the size of Leo’s Den to be able to accommodate these students? Or are the other students who come looking for a place to lounge after the Den is full, simply out of luck?

Additionally, when the construction in and around the Supertents is completed, what will happen to the new Leo’s Den?

Will it be moved back to the Supertents? What if the move will decrease the number of students who use the place? What if the move causes the unpopularity of the Leo’s Den? Can the University risk moving the Leo’s Den back to its original home?

If the University does decide to move the Leo’s Den back to its original home a few feet away, ULV students should not become apathetic or too lazy to walk to the Supertents. They should still hang out in the lounge despite the move.

Now it’s all up to the University and whether they want to risk losing the success of Leo’s Den.

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Leo's Den proves successful

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Posted on September 30. 2005
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