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Campus Times
October 1, 2004

photo by Reina Santa Cruz

Zelda Zinn presented her first solo exhibit on Sept. 23. Zinn is upbeat and friendly when talking about her art. “The first picture I took was when I was nine or 10. My friend was blowing a bubble and I was able to see her image through the bubble,” she said. David Russo, Zinn’s boyfriend said, “The world affects her. She’s very hopeful.” Zinn’s exhibit will be on display until Oct.15 in the Irene Carlson Gallery of Photography in Miller Hall.

Art faculty controls ‘Microclimate’

Harris Gallery hosts the annual ULV faculty art show.

Feedback: ‘Rolling’ votes in for Kerry

Taylor Kingsbury, columnist, sees a problem with Rolling Stone's voter registration drive.

‘Godot’ actors attend festival for scholarship

Their performances in last year's Dailey Theater production of "Waiting for Godot" are good enough to earn three ULV student consideration for an Irene Ryan Acting Scholarship.

Photos evoke color, movement

Photographic artist Zelda Zinn mounts her first solo show in the Irene Carlson Gallery.

Soulful, Brazilian flavor jazzes ULV crowd

Smooth South American sounds put the Sandra Albert Quartet on the map.