LV Life

Campus Times
October 1, 2004

photo by Adam Omernik

A group of University of La Verne students gathered at an off-campus location Monday to play poker. The group also often meets on campus twice a week to play “Texas Hold ‘Em No Limits.” It is not uncommon for a game to last until 3 a.m. or 4 a.m.

Poker enthusiasm sweeping ULV

Students love to get down and dirty with the classic card game.

High heels in fashion despite pain

Women just can't stop wearing those classic shoes.

Fair trade travels to Claremont

The Artisan's Exchange offers fair trade merchandise at a reasonable price.

Music bringing couples together online

A new Web site posits musical taste as the basis for romance.

Rainbow of dye options offered

Salons and even Web sites let customers find the hairstyles that fit the color of their moods.