Campus Times
October 1
, 2004

photo by Beatriz Mendoza

The Republican Club participated in the Club Fair on Wednesday hosted by the Office of Campus Life Division of Student Affairs and student worker Elizabeth Canales. Chris Castillo, sister of club founder Melissa Castillo, was on hand to give out information to interested students. Rebecca Fredrick was one of the many students who attended the club fair.

Top Stories

Professor to improve corn quality

Stacey Darling-Novak leads a research study that seeks to prolong the life of corn stalks.

Fall 2004 admissions make campus history

An incoming class of 559 contributes to the largest student body in ULV's history.



Biology students earn prestige

Three ULV students are chosen to present their research before the Southern California Academy of Sciences.

La Verne Athens students left with few options

ULV students who traveled to Greece to study at the Athens campus deal with its sudden closure.

War is foremost on voters’ minds

Students and faculty alike cite the war in Iraq as their biggest concern in this year's presidential election.

La Verne protected from West Nile so far

University officials take steps to protect the campus from the virus.

Faculty research highlighted

Faculty Research and Professional Activity Day gives ULV's faculty members a chance to present their work.

Dreier faced with new competition

Cynthia Matthews challenges long-time incumbent David Dreier for his congressional seat.

Law students go before Supreme Court

Fourteen law school alumni are sworn in before the United States Supreme Court Bar.