Campus Times
October 5, 2001


Top Stories

Freshman class raises academic bar

The incoming class of 2001 boasts average GPA's and SAT scores that are the highest in ULV history.

ULV advances on college list

La Verne moves up in the U.S. News and World Report annual rankings.



Dr. Hogan welcomes book signing

The history professor's latest work chronicles the administration of President Stephen Morgan.

Incident prompts police investigation

A fight between two students at the Oaks requires intervention from the La Verne Police Department.

Police investigate alleged car theft from ULV parking lot

A student's fully-restored classic car is taken from the Wilson Library lot during class time.

Rideshare week promotes clean air

ULV urges its employees and students to participate in the annual campaign.

Workshop encourages human relationship skills

The IMRCD sponsors the event to aid interpersonal communication.

ASF releases financial policy

The Forum's action is prompted by conflicts some organizations have been having with fiscal requirements.

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