Cirque spins dreamscapes
Posted Oct. 5, 2007

Giselle Campbell
Staff Writer

Cirque du Soleil has a new show in Los Angeles in its family of circus-meets-art extravaganzas with “Corteo.”

This exhibition, which will run through Oct. 28, features performances one can only find at a Cirque du Soleil show – suspended acrobatics, highwire walks, an in-tent helium balloon and even a live orchestra accompanying each act.

“Corteo” is the story of a clown’s dream of his own death, funeral parade and his thoughtful reflection on life.

The scenes are artfully carried out by highly talented gymnasts, singers and musicians, who somehow seem to become a part of the dream itself. What should have been a funeral ultimately becomes a celebration of life.

Every act performed is incredibly elaborate, as if each scene is trying to out-do the last.

Beautiful gymnasts dangle and spin from giant chandeliers in a whirl of color.

In the next section performers are tossed high above the audience, performing mid-air gymnastics.

The show is true to Cirque style in that there is a sense of the whimsical and bizarre throughout the show.

But while other exhibitions have themes such as animals or love, “Corteo’s” main theme is the carnival itself.

Attendees are ushered into a large multicolored tent where the show takes place. Upon entering the viewer is in a world of luxurious art, color and sound.

In one scene called “Helium Dance,” a little person is harnessed to helium balloons and then floats above the audience.

As her balloons lower, viewers become part of the performance as she delicately hops from one hand to the next among the crowd.

While tickets are priced around $100 a seat, Corteo is an experience unlike any other.

Seats are located near the stage, so every audience member has an up-close experience.

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