Snuggled up in ‘Wayne’s World’
Posted Oct. 5, 2007

Diana Zarate
Staff Writer

There is nothing better than watching a funny movie, lounging in your pajamas and enjoying great food.

On Sept. 27, the Campus Activities Board hosted a Comedy Slumber Bash, in the President’s Dining Room, with a feature presentation of “Wayne’s World.”

The CAB films chair, Lorraine Rodriguez, and the comedy chair, Kristina Vaughn, hosted the event together.

“I teamed up with Lorraine because I thought it would be a fun way of combining two of the committees for a fun and entertaining event,” Vaughn said.

Despite all the other events going on that night, several students arrived to enjoy the comedy classic.

About 27 students attended the movie night and the laughs were plentiful.
“It was a good turn out,” Vaughn said.

The President’s Dining Room was set up much like an actual slumber party complete with blankets and pillows laid out on the floor in front of the screen where the movie was being shown.

No slumber party is complete without a plethora of snacks, so students were treated to hot wings, pizza-filled pretzels, doughnuts, cracker jacks and drinks.

It was apparent by the audience reaction that this movie was a great choice for the event.

“A lot of people like it and it’s funny,” Rodriguez said.

One event guest, Jodi Baldridge, saw “Wayne’s World” for the first time that night.

“Lorraine, is my (sorority) sister and I wanted to support her in her CAB event,” Baldridge a sophomore history major, said. “I thought it was funny, I had never seen it before.”

Rodriguez plans to have more movie nights through out the school year although the movies have yet to be decided.

“We didn’t have a lot of movie nights last year and I love movies,” Baldridge said.

“We’ll do themed movie nights again, just not a slumber bash. It was too girly,” Rodriguez said.

Diana Zarate can be reached at

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