Consume coffee consciously

Posted Oct. 5, 2007

Marilee Lorusso
Editor in Chief
Andres Rivera
Web Editor

Fall semester is in full swing, and for many students, it comes with long, sleepless nights toiling over exams, projects and activities on campus. While some may turn to sleeping and energy supplements, most of us turn to a common, convenient way to stay awake: coffee.

“If I don’t drink coffee, I feel like my day hasn’t started off right,” senior Christine Moitoso said.

Moitoso said she drinks a tall mug of coffee, which equals about two or three cups, to start her morning off.

“I think I became immune,” Moitoso said.

Not only does she drink coffee every morning, but Moitoso said she drinks other caffeinated drinks including soda and takes “energy pills.” In order to provide a balance, Moitoso said she does take multivitamins, kelp and a digestive enzyme.

Dr. James Privitera, a holistic medical doctor in Covina and self-proclaimed coffee lover said he drinks coffee regularly and looks for “antidotes,” rather than going without.

“You have to moderate what you’re super sensitive to,” Privitera said.

In order to counteract the side effects from caffeine, taking calcium and magnesium during calcium and magnesium during the day can help with chest pains and headaches. In order to counteract excess clotting, taking blood thinners like ginseng and fish oil also can help, Privitera said.

Privitera said moderation is the key as some people can drink three cups and nothing happens, but others may only be able to drink one cup and feel jittery.

Though coffee seems like the safe way to go when it comes to staying awake, there are some concerns that go along with drinking it, which include the effects of caffeine on sleep and our diet.

Moderation is an important factor when its comes to ordering your favorite latte as well.

“People get sugar free, but add more whipped cream,” Wendy Lopez, a junior criminology major and shift supervisor at a local Starbucks, said.

Lopez said, customers often overdo it when ordering coffee drinks rather than creating a balance.

“When ordering a drink, get less pumps each time,” Lopez said. “It will minimize the calories.”

Along with this, Lopez said, to mix it up, change the size of the drink.

“If you are used to getting a venti, get a grande,” Lopez said.

Starbucks offers alternatives to caffeine, including a tangerine frappachino, blended strawberry lemonade, various teas and of course any of the drinks can be ordered decaf, according to Lopez.

As for keeping healthy when it comes to drinking your favorite coffee drinks, the Mayo Clinic advises that you become aware of how much caffeine you are consuming and gradually reducing any amount that causes negative symptoms.

These effects include headache, fatigue, irritability and nervousness, according to the Mayo Clinic’s Web site.

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