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School, work, homework, deadlines, clubs, teams, boyfriends and girlfriends are just some of the things that keep the average university student busy.

With so many things to worry about the idea of free time has almost become absurd.

But even with the busiest schedule and in the most stressful days, the average university student still makes time for one very important thing: television.

Results of an informal survey at the University of La Verne show that all students watch at least one show on television a day no matter how busy their schedules are.

The difference lies on the things people are actually tuning in to watch.

There is of course the classic MTV programming with shows such as, “The Real World: Austin,” “Room Raiders,” “Date My Mom,” “My Super Sweet Sixteen” and “Laguna Beach.”

To add to the endless stream of reality shows there are of course those that have managed to return to our living rooms season after season. “The Surreal Life” and the “Survivor” series are just a few examples.

For those that do not enjoy the luxury of cable television there are plenty of reality shows to enjoy on basic TV.

“America’s Next Top Model” on UPN and “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” on ABC are just some of the most popular reality shows out there.

This particular season, however, Fox has even the most faithful reality television fanatics changing the channel to its new fall schedule.

Eight out of 10 students watch at least one of the newest shows on Fox.

One of the most popular new suspenseful series is “Bones.” “Bones” is a dramatic series inspired by the life of forensic anthropologist Kathy Reichs.

The main character, Dr. Temperance Brennan, played by Emily Deschanel, works at a Jeffersonian institution and writes novels, but her specialty is her ability to read clues left in victims’ bones.
She is often partnered up with special agent Seeley Booth, played by David Boreanaz.

Together they use their abilities to help solve crimes.

“It is suspenseful and it builds the story well,” said Bjorn Biggles, junior communications major. “Every episode keeps you guessing.”

“I watch ‘Bones’ although it cuts into my free time,” said Desiree Ochoa, graduate student at ULV.

Another show attracting viewers to Fox is “Prison Break.”

This new show tells the story of Lincoln Burrows, played by Dominic Purcell, who was unjustly convicted of murder and sentenced to death row.

His brother, Michael Scofield, played by Wentworth Miller, who holds the blueprints of the prison and believes his brother is innocent, holds up a bank in order to be incarcerated alongside his brother and help him escape.

“That’s a pretty cool show,” said Michael Stallings, senior music and music industry management major.

“Both shows are interesting although they are different topics,” Biggles said. “It’s everyday stuff put into drama slash suspense, so it’s interesting.”

“House” is a third drama turning heads in Fox.

Played by Hugh Laurie, Dr. Gregory House is a brilliant diagnostician who does not trust anyone.

House helps his patients with unconventional remedies, which creates a constant conflict between House and the medical dean at the hospital, Dr. Lisa Cuddy, played by Lisa Edelstein.

To save a patient’s life, House will do whatever it takes, even if that includes using controversial, high risk treatments.

“This show is about a medical doctor who really cares but does not always play by the rules,” Biggles said.

NBC is also attracting audiences with their newest sitcom, “The Office” a satirical look at modern American office life.

Michael Scott, played by Steve Carell, is the regional manager at Dunder Mifflin paper supply company and is convinced that everyone loves him. He has no idea the rest of the office staff just barely tolerates him.

With plenty of new shows to chose from, those who prefer the occasional teen drama have opted to remain faithful to last season’s shows.

“I love ‘The OC.’ I stop everything to watch it. I even schedule it in,” said Tiffanie Sigal, sophomore international business major.

“The OC” remains one of the most popular shows out there.

“I make time to watch my favorite shows, ‘The OC’ and ‘One Tree Hill,’” said Cindy Lopez, junior political science and sociology major.

“One Tree Hill” has also remained one of the most popular shows from the WB.

However, the WB does in fact have new shows coming up such as “Related,” the story of four young sisters living together and struggling to deal with life and “Twins” from the producers of “Will and Grace,” a comedy about the difference between these sisters.

These shows don’t seem to be striking anyone’s interest so far, since not even a single student has mentioned them.

And of course, no new television season would be complete without the newest addition to the collection of reality shows.

This season’s “So You Think You Can Dance” from Fox, seems to be acquiring popularity quickly.

While some students schedule in their favorite television shows, others watch what they can when time allows.

“It all depends on what night it is and what show is on” said Ashlee Harrington, sophomore liberal studies major.

Whether you are looking for a reality show, a teen drama or suspense this season you are almost guaranteed to find any of these.all you have to do is sit back, relax and flick on your television set.

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Students find time for popular shows

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Students find time for
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Posted October 7, 2005