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Students and faculty revive behavioral sciences club

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Students and faculty revive
behavioral science club
Posted October 7, 2005
Andres Rivera
Staff Writer

Through the support of faculty and the encouragement of students, the Sociology, Anthropology and Criminology Club has been restarted and is striving to have an active year on the University of La Verne campus.

“There was a demand for it,” said Kim Pomierski, SAC adviser. “We’ll try to stay on top of it.”

The SAC club began almost 20 years ago when the behavioral sciences department included sociology, anthropology and criminology but was recently inactive as a result of officers graduating, declining interest in the club and the separation of the departments.

“Today, in its revival, it provides the same function for sociology, anthropology and criminology majors,” Davis said.

This fall, Professor of Sociology Sharon Davis, along with other faculty, decided to restart the club. Christine Araiza, junior club president, approached Davis with the idea.

“I hope to encourage the officers and the executive committee and look forward to attending the events that they have planned or will plan in the future,” Davis said.

Pomierski said that once the idea was brought to attention, it spread like wildfire. Many people got excited about it.

The SAC club plans on creating an atmosphere where opportunities for networking with other students will be available. It will also provide information on local events that pertain to the students’ area of interest.

At their first meeting, they had about 40 students sign up. During the meeting, the club’s goals were introduced and officers were nominated and approved.

Aside from Araiza as president, Carmen Bonilla, freshmen criminal justice major, will be vice president; Holly Gibson, freshman criminal justice major, will be treasurer; Kandi Adams, freshman anthropology major, will be secretary and the historian will be Valentini Mazellari, a criminal justice major.

There is also a three member executive committee that will assist the officers.

The committee consists of Claudia Gurerro, Jerrica Perez and Tami Combs.

Bonilla hopes that she will be able to give the best she can for the club. She is planning on having an FBI representative come and speak to the club members on campus.

Members are to pay $15 dues per semester that are used to fund activities and other functions. SAC will be meeting every first and third Tuesday of the month.

During their second meeting on Tuesday, the club discussed their plans for the Homecoming Street Fair. They will be making a booth with an ‘80s theme and they are also planning on having a bake sale, a raffle and root beer floats.

Future events include having a cadaver dog demonstration from the Institute for Canine Forensics on Nov. 3. The demonstration will showcase dogs that have been active in searches from the Ground Zero in the World Trade Center to the Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster.

The club will also be hosting a guest speaker, Dr. Dawn Foor from the Sexual Assault Victim Services on Nov. 11. SAC will plan a field trip to a correctional facility this spring as well.

Andres Rivera can be reached at

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